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Anchored on the rules of karma

Ben Contreras .

WE are what we are. But along the way, something happens that changes us — our person, our perception on certain things or even on faith and religion.

As far as the great architect of the universe is concerned, there are three to describe people’s perspective: the believer, the atheist and the agnostic. Perhaps, we can add one more and this is the belief on karma, though karma is not a religion but about a way of life.

To think that just because I’ve been writing against hypocrisy in the Church, then that made me anti-Church or to be more blunt, anti-Christ. No, I am not anti-Church or anti-Christ. It’s just that, religion can only be good if we sincerely adhere to its teachings and the preachers, priests and whoever they are that evangelize, practice what they preach. And we are witness to the hypocrisies of those who preach.

I am very liberal in the belief of my family. My wife is a Catholic. She goes to church as often as possible and do penance sometimes. I am a Protestant by baptism in the river. All my children were baptized in a Catholic church. My two kids from my second wife grew up with their cousins in Gospel Church and opted to be baptized again in a Protestant Church. I told them, “Do that when you reach the age of maturity.” They did just that.

I love to see my children having a Christian life because, at least, it will give them second thoughts about doing what could be wrong. So far, they are happy with the church they chose and the people they’re with.

For some reasons which need not be written and talked about, I see myself having my own church that exists deep in my heart — my conscience. I now tried to live a life anchored on karma.

My life used to be very turbulent, sad, problem-ridden, financially challenged, and shunned by some. But blessings from my siblings never stopped for me, for my children, for us. They taught me to share blessings if there are things left to share with. This, I told my children to follow.

In the past, several incidents also happened in my life that I consider to be Divine interventions. Some 20 years or so ago, a friend who gave me, among two others, a string necklace with a pendant equivalent to the Catholic’s Mama Mary, changed my life almost totally. I wrote about it on Facebook, so I won’t write about it again here.

The Chinese has a saying: “Religion is good but don’t get addicted to it.” Like drugs, when you’re addicted to it, you lost your sanity (sometime). You gave so much to the Church to show your devotion (whatever), but when it comes to helping real people, you find yourself hard to part with your money, if not only a pittance.

The amount you give will not save you. Going to church will not save you. And by the way, what do you really mean by being saved? Is it that you will go to heaven?

How much did you give to the Church, 10 or a hundred thousand, half a million, a million, a few millions? No wonder the Vatican is so rich and powerful that it can sometimes dictate the outcome elections because their number is needed by politicians.

One is claiming he is the son of God. Another can tell his flock to jump, and they all jump. A struggling preacher is not anymore struggling but has bodyguards in his entourage today. A Christian leader tried his hands in politics. Are you still not wondering what religion is all about?

If religion is not business, why are they wallowing in great wealth, businesses, huge and palatial churches, fancy cars for services and fat personal bank saving accounts?

I have reached the crossroads of my life and have opted to just follow the rule of karma.


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