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Mordeno and e-mail pleadings

By Joe Pallugna I CANNOT help but start this column with congratulatory words to Atty. Dale Bryan Mordeno who was recently elected as governor of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines’ Eastern District. He would serve office for two years or up to year 2015. Dale is a brother in the ...

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Those abusive rebels

By Manny Valdehuesa IT’S been decades since Jose Ma. Sison, alias Amado Guerrero, launched his Maoist version of communism in a barangay somewhere in Pangasinan when they celebrated the birthday of Mao Zedong on Dec. 26, 1968. They swore to topple our government and superimpose their alien ideology on our ...

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On quips and quirks

By Patricio Diaz GENERAL Santis City –– Quips and quirks are spices of life. Time was, in the days of kings, that fools were the fonts of wisdom. The serious often forget the light side of life, forgetting that beauty is God’s blend of colors, moods and sense in perfect ...

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Oro, Misor lawmakers open to firecracker ban but…

TERRIFIED. Fright is written all over the face of a young girl as her mother watches the fireworks display in the sky above the Northern Mindanao Medical Center on New Year’s Eve. The national government is moving to ban the use of firecrackers for good because of the number of injuries during Christmas and new year revelries. (photo by Froilan Gallardo of Mindanews)

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Loss of pork, loss of rights?

By Patricio Diaz GENERAL Santos City – House representatives are evidently considering the loss of their pork, the loss of rights – the right of their constituents so-called to financial assistance and their own right to give that assistance. And they seem bent on salvaging those rights. This was apparent ...

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Lawmakers got 50% of pork barrel funds: whistleblower

By Shiela Mae Butlig, Paola Gaabucayan and Ben Balce CORRUPT lawmakers got half of the pork barrel funds that were released by the government for projects through foundations linked to Janet Lim Napoles, whistleblower Benhur Luy told the televised Senate blue ribbon committee yesterday. Read the Latest News and Updates ...

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