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Cabanlas hits decision to revive case, arrest warrant vs Mulawan

By Nitz Arancon ONE of the lawyers of Cagayan de Oro Water District (COWD) senior architectural draftsman cum whistleblower Emmanuel Mulawan Sr. yesterday said he would file a petition to assail a Cavite court’s decision to revive the rape case against his client. Read the Latest News and Updates in ...

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A Daughters Note.

I remember a question that struck me a few years ago that I would gladly love to answer right now. IF YOU COULD BE ANY SUPERHERO, WHO WOULD YOU BE? Well, for most people, they might pick someone from The Avengers or someone from the comic books or movies. I’d ...

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Historical revision

By Erick  San Juan JAPAN’S policy of glorification of the country’s World War II militarism, spreading of ultranationalist values within the country raises concerns in the Asia-Pacific region. Accelerated strengthening of its military capabilities, launched procedure of working out of legislative basis for refusing from postwar pacifist principles fixed in the ...

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A Mother’s Love

BREASTFEEDING advocates in Cagayan de Oro are looking forward for more awareness programs for lactating moms in the city and neighboring places. Every third Saturday, the group of new moms calling themselves ‘Mommy Bright Side’, will be holding an awareness seminar for their fellow nursing moms at Maria Reyna Hospital ...

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Inflation and Juan dela Cruz

By Jay Valleser BURIED in one inside page of the Gold Star Daily (Feb. 24 issue) was the news of how inflation has gone up to 4.2%. Inflation has been pegged for several decades now at 4% (since 1982). Simply, this means that the cost of anything you bought in ...

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The moment of truth

By Egay Uy A REVIEW of the 2003 tax code of the city could mean one of many things: that the 2015 budget of the Moreno administration is about to be capped by the city council this early. The reported review of the tax measure could mean a reduction in ...

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