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Is PNoy really stepping down?

Batas Mauricio

PARDON me, but I am really uncomfortable reading stories where President Aquino is being quoted as saying he is readying to step down from Malacanang, or that he is readying to become a private citizen by June 30, 2016, or that he is already looking forward to traveling to other countries after his term ends.

My eerie feeling is that, Aquino is just try to pull the wool over our eyes, to hide from us his (and his benefactors’ and patrons’) real agenda by 2016, which is for him to continue being president under a revolutionary government that would kick out and dismantle the 1987 Constitution that his own mother, President Cory, pushed, with full backing from powerful groups, both local and foreign.

The fact is that, Aquino knows he cannot just give up the presidency at the end of his term, for that would mean his prosecution and incarceration for non-bailable crimes, even if his candidate gets elected as president in 2016. The only way to stop this scenario from happening is for him to continue being president, even if it would mean not holding the 2016 elections.

Now, what would it take to disallow the elections in May? Simple. A power-grab by the President, with the aid of the police and the military, and the subsequent discarding of the 1987 Constitution which prescribes a six-year limit for any president which, in Aquino’s case, would end on June 30, 2016.

With the Constitution having been discarded, and a revolutionary government having been put in place, Aquino will become the law himself, having an indefinite term. His own mother and her allies already did that in 1986–I mean, President Cory abrogated the 1973 Constitution, installed a revolutionary government, and then ran the country by decree, even if only for a very short time.

I believe that all of the powerful countries which have important stakes in our country–the US, China, Malaysia, and their allies–will have no problem accepting Aquino’s new status as a virtual dictator, since past experiences have already demonstrated his willingness to deal with them.

Will somebody please tell the Filipino nation, which of the two online pictures of newly appointed Supreme Court Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa really represents how he looks like? I refer to Caguioa’s supposed pictures featured in the online versions of the Standard ( and the Manila Times ( on January 23, 2016, which, to me, show totally different persons.

Are we seeing, in the case of arrested Philippine Marines Col. Ferdinand Marcelino, the classic line usually given to police or military operatives or even to other secret agents assigned to do dangerous yet profitable jobs, “we authorize you to do the job because it will give us benefits or advantages, but if you get caught, we will disown you”? Who can tell us the truth about this now?

I remember that, right after a greatly successful police operation some four to five years back, Marcelino and his superior then, Gen. Dionisio Santiago, appeared at the Rotary Club of Intramuros, where Marcelino regaled the members of the Club with how the operation led by him went through. We were so impressed we pooled P10,000 cash among us and gave it to him as a show of support. Well, time flies.

If you are among those wondering why many people seem to have already lost their capacity to be good and seem to be always raring to do even the most despicable things just to earn a few pesos here and there, let me tell you that this is the result of the prediction that people will one day be under the spell of evil spiritual forces who will have control of their minds.

It is clear, that day has come. Now, people are self-seeking, lovers of money and of pleasure, and are no longer concerned with God and His commands, among others.  This had been made possible by the other prediction that people will no longer listen to God and will no longer obey Him, because their minds have been corrupted by the teachings of the devil.

Now, how can we fight this creeping evil in the minds of many people? By starting with ourselves, through a relentless study of the Word of God, the Bible, and by furious obedience to the commands contained therein. We have to accept and have faith on Jesus as our God and Savior, and allow ourselves to be guided by Him, through His teachings.



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