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Just two days

Egay Uy

FOR a while there I thought water supply, and I mean volume, pressure and potability, was back to normal.  One of my home’s angle valves got busted and the shower heads spurted like car wash equipment two days in a row.

Yes, that was it. Just two days.

As this is written, water service in Patag still leaves a lot to be desired.  Service in our area has improved though.  From drought then to trickles now.

Let the water coop supply water in bulk. Let Water Technologies do it.  Allow Metro Pacific to take over.  Extend the contract with Rio Verde.  Many concessionaires really don’t care as long as water service is efficient and prompt.

There is no point debating which of the contenders could provide bulk water better at a more reasonable cost if in the meantime water service suffers and nobody knows when it will end.

“Low pressure to no water” may not be experienced by some concessionaires but for us in the western side of the service area of the COWD, that phrase is feared by many.

I pay for the service that I receive, but not for air that is pumped into my faucet.  This I have to complain.  But provide me with the right water service and I will gladly pay my bills. I will not worry much about the rates because I know the city council is keeping watch.  I will not worry about water rates because hopefully competition will take care of that.

But please improve on the distribution and delivery side of it. I don’t need water service for just two days.

I’ll need it until my dying day.


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