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Loosened coconut tree falls, kills senior citizen

By Nora Soriño
Iligan City Bureau Chief,
Ric Palahang
and Sita Asequia
Correspondents .

Iligan City — A septuagenarian was hit by a falling coconut tree here. It killed him instantly.

According to Myrna Hipowit, a niece of the victim, his uncle, Carmelito Hipowit, 70, a resident of Purok Franciscan, Barangay Tibanga was doing some cleaning in his vegetable garden at Scions, Barangay Tomas Cabili near the C-3 road when the accident happened.

Myrna said the soil in the area had been loosened because someone at the city government was doing some bulldozing operations in the area which in turn loosened the grip of the soil on the surrounding trees.

The coconut tree gave way in the process and unfortunately hit Hipowit.

ABC President Cesarve Siacor helped in the rescue of the victim but was beyond rescuing .

Hipowit’s remains is now at a funeral home in the city.




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