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One of the worst terrorists

Cesar Gorillo .

HE sowed the worst terror among those who followed their leader who renounced the hypocrisy of the religious leaders at that time. Their leader loved to tell his followers about the strictness of their religious and fanatical leaders who loved to parade to the people their so-called religiosity and yet forget to sow love among their brethren. In fact, their religious leaders at that time engineered the torture and finally death of this man whose preaching centered on love, mercy, compassion and generosity.  He was so generous with the people with whom he preached that he give his life for them.

And, so, when their leader went to back to his Father who sent him, they, as followers were left at the mercy of this man who hunted them, tied and tortured them, some he killed through stoning.  He did his evil mission with such tenacity that he accomplished it within his area of responsibility.  It was at this point that he went to a very far place known as Damascus, Syria because he knew that there were still plenty of his enemies he need to torture.

But God had to act swiftly on this man. He fell from the horse and a voice from heaven called upon him to stop torturing God’s people. God made him blind only to allow him to see three days later. After that, he was a very different man. He was a completely changed man. Rather than run after the followers of Jesus so that he can prosecute and torture them, he was now preaching to them about their leader who had gone up to heaven and has left the Holy Spirit to minister upon  His people. He was already baptizing God’s people with the power of the Holy Spirit so that they will attain the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit to make them powerful just like the apostles of Jesus Christ.

Instead of terror, he was already preaching about love, faith, compassion, generosity, the way Jesus had preached when He was still with them.  More than any Apostles of Jesus, he had travelled to hitherto untouched areas of Corinth, Galatia, Ephesus, Colossus, Tessalonica who had their own Greek gods and goddesses and could open himself to torture, prosecution, imprisonment and death. All these he underwent except death and even wrote that it was an honor for him to undergo the same suffering of Christ.  He wrote  letters from his prison cell in Rome to his followers in all the areas he has preached and these letters were brought by his followers on foot, ship, horse, carriages and other means thousands of kilometers away and still preserved to this day and part of those read in all churches throughout the world every day.

Up to now, I cannot still fathom why a man who tortured hundreds or even thousands of the followers of Christ during that time was used by God instead to preach a new kind of religion that shun the accepted beliefs at that time so that love, mercy and compassion will be its basic lesson.

This man by the name of Paul and the author of all the letters to the Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians and Hebrews, a torturer par excellence, was used by God to expand the foundation of the Christian religion through his deeper  teaching on love, family, the Holy Spirit, the church, leadership, suffering and those not taken up in the four Gospels of the Bible.

Following the course of those he tortured, he himself, together with Peter, had his head cut off by the order of the emperor, the opponent of the Christian religion right in Rome, the emperor’s seat of government.


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