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Self-inflicted ‘kalbaryo’

Ben Contreras

IT’S funny when justice has a price tag.

It was so then when a lawyer had been known to allegedly bring a briefcase of cash for someone in Davao (the Ombudsman Mindanao). Is it so now during the time of Mayor Moreno?

What was the case that merited such judgment of dismissal and perpetual disqualification from holding any government office for the second time against Moreno? Who filed it? Everyone seems at sea about it.

As of this writing, no one has seen the resolution except perhaps, Moreno and his lawyer. How else would he be able to file a motion for reconsideration if he and his lawyer had not seen it? But where was the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)? What is the role of the DILG? Isn’t it supposed to serve the order of the ombudsman?  Is Moreno so blessed that he has all the connections to make a mockery of our justice system?

Oh, yes, we can add Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello to Moreno’s defenders, he who expressed his willingness to be Moreno’s defense lawyer. If he believes in Moreno’s innocence, then they must be birds of the same feather.

The guy who filed a case against Moreno was given the runaround by Ombudsman Mindanao and the national office until he wrote a letter to President Duterte. Only then when a decision was rendered, the complainant claimed.

A decision was rendered, all right, but the complainant got the surprise of his life when he was not given a copy of it. He even has the feeling that the decision made was not that about his complaint.

His complaint was about the rental of heavy equipment involving P53 million which he alleged the owner of the equipment has no knowledge about. Yet the alleged resolution mentioned only a few million pesos which made it a sin on mere dishonestly than plunder.

“Gigutad-gutad and complaint to escape plunder,” said my informant.

The complainant needs to know what happened to his case and hope to get his copy of the resolution soon, otherwise, he will write the President again.

He claimed that somebody from Ombudsman Manila told him that Moreno has many cases filed in their office. So, what makes Moreno very controversial?

Politically motivated, claims Moreno about his latest “kalbaryo.” Why, because it happened when Bambi Emano sat as governor of Misamis Oriental? Would these records come about if Moreno is still the governor? Certainly not! They will be swept under the rug of utter secrecy. I believe all these kalbaryo are self-inflicted. Knowing Moreno, he deserves it.

If Moreno continues to get a cold shoulder from the President, it only means that the President knows all about him already.

One thing pretty obvious in the documents I saw is that one of the accused was excluded and is now connected with the Ombudsman. Has she joined the cabal of moles? Is justice at the Ombudsman for sale? If so, let’s not abolish Ombudsman but reorganize it and bring the bad eggs to justice. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.



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