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FOR Valentine’s, it’s the heart. For Christmas, the tree. For Independence Day, the flag. A warning for a day whose arrival is as predictable as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. But we don’t give gifts on Independence Day. Instead, we wonder, Independence from what?

We could only hope that Kris Aquino and Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson commemorated Independence Day by not posting more videos to justify their rants. There are important matters for the government to focus on and being referee to the Kris-Mocha feud is not one of them. Choose your battles, as the saying goes.

June is supposed to be a happy month—opening of classes, weddings, the meeting of US President Donald Trump and North Korea Supreme Leader King Jong-un. Yes, buti pa si Trump at Kim, may peace talks; si Kris at Mocha, wala.

How about you, do you have a personal Independence Day? Okay, call it freedom. From listening to Kris and Mocha. From watching Senate President Tito Sotto in “Eat Bulaga.” From the summer heat, which has remained impossible for now.

For the Pinoy who has lived in Pinas since birth, he should know by now that the rainy season can still be as hot as summer, but with water taming it down once raindrops are falling on his head. The head above the shoulders, that is. Once water manages to reach the one below the waist, it’s time to evacuate. Now na.

Residents in flood-prone areas are now experts on when to evacuate. Sometimes they do stay despite the flood, afraid of leaving their houses to thieves. The empathetic person sees an opportunity to help; the thief sees an opportunity to steal. One situation, two possible scenarios—an example of people using, misusing and abusing others which can also happen in relationships. If you’re not comfortable with the way someone is treating you, it’s time to Google on the signs of abuse. You already know, anyway, but there’s your need for everything to be confirmed.

Much like allergies that may develop later in life, abuse also tends to escalate while you’re afraid to leave. The abuser will always threaten with an “or else” which is sometimes merely implied. The journey to freedom won’t be easy, thus, there’s the Pinoy who celebrates Independence Day for some other reason— for getting out of an abusive relationship, for overcoming challenges, even for the flags attached to cars and displayed in business establishments, with the clueless Pinoy asking what the flags are for.

For the hoarder who refuses to let go of clutter, freedom must be the ability to finally realize that material things will never provide inner peace and profound joy. So, he lets go of one item each day and a year later, he’s free from the burden of caring for 365 items. That’s a simple decluttering tip but hard to do when one’s attachment to possessions is hinged on sentimental value.

Here’s another decluttering tip: Ask yourself, 50 years from now, will this matter? Don’t give your future generations the burden of guessing what those chocolate wrappers are doing in a rusty tin box—I can’t even recall why they’re there. And the list goes on. Old PLDT phone directories—do people still use them? Warranties, manuals and chargers for obsolete mobile phones—Nokia 5110, anyone? Pens that have dried out—which reminds me… Oh, let’s not go there. Haha!

Old, obsolete, dried out—these are the criteria for things that should be thrown away. Except dried-out pens, there are ways to coax that ink back to life. And once that ink is flowing from pen to paper, freedom!

As for coaxing the Cavs back to life, well, good luck na lang.

The Warriors won. Again. With a four-game sweep. Without letting the Cavs savor even a single win.

We, the senior-moment generation, used to wake up at dawn to watch Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen. Their batch mates, such as Warriors’ head coach Steve Kerr, could be mentors, consultants or even an owner—Jordan is—of a National Basketball Association (NBA) team since retirement for them doesn’t mean not waking up early nor having an extra time for spring cleaning. Imagine the sneakers and jerseys if ever they’ll finally retire and declutter.

Retirement is also not something James LeBron is looking forward to, despite the Cavs’ loss. His goal now must be to recoup that loss but not necessarily with the Cavs. The best NBA players can always name their price for as long as they can deliver.

Right after the Warriors’ victory, memes featuring brooms began to sprout on social media, brooms which the retired basketball player may also need in his spring cleaning. Oh, well. Sweep pa more.

So, to the Cavs, a broom now symbolizes defeat. Ouch. If only they could go back to 2016 and make their victory that year as their forevermore.


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