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A long day ahead

Egay Uy .

RECENTLY, the Regulatory and Complaint Board has hugged the front pages of local dailies because of the series of operations it has conducted.  It is mandated to protect minors from the influence of modern technology, i.e., videoke games and internet access, and from child molester and traffickers, among other areas.

Lately, the RCB, along with the members of the special task force created by Mayor Oscar S. Moreno, checked and inspected several lodging houses or inns or motels which were listed by the Balaud Mindanaw as the locations were minors were allegedly molested.  The inspections revealed that all the businesses checked committed violations of some regulations prescribed in city ordinances, e.g., log book for minors who check-in, and the like.

Recently, we were informed the police was able to file the criminal cases against the perpetrators of the reported crime.  But that would be another story as we are leaving the matter of prosecuting the perpetrators to the police office and the Office of the City Prosecutor.

Then, through reports from concerned citizens, the RCB Inspectorate Team was able to cause the rescue by the City Social Welfare and Development Department of minors who were found drinking intoxicating beverages.  This also resulted in the issuance of notices of violation to the business operators for allowing minors to buy and drink alcoholic beverages in their establishments.

Then much later, the RCB, along with the Cocpo and the CSWD, was able to rescue some 12 minors who were “housed” in a lodging house along Osmena street.  The police were able to arrest the suspected pimp and charges were being prepared as of this writing.

All these have been made possible because of the commitment of the RCB Inspectorate Team which is headed by Mr. Ton Resma of the City Legal Office, and his two vice team leaders, Jong Tagarda and Wangyu Ebarat of the City Accounting Office.

In hindsight, the RCB finds its roots in City Ordinance No. 4373-94 where it was mandated to “regulate the operation of moviehouses or theaters and other amusement places in the City.”

Since its inception, the RCB has evolved into a Board with vast jurisdiction because it has been tasked to enforce additional set of city ordinances that pertain to the regulation of videoke joints, gambling, cockpits and cockfights, internet cafes, motels, hotels, inns and other lodging houses, billiard halls, and all other places of amusement.

Then this year, the City Comprehensive Children’s Welfare Code of 2018 places the RCB in the forefront of enforcing its provisioins.

It will be a long day ahead for the RCB and its indefatigable Inspectorate Team.


(Egay Uy is a lawyer and sits as the chairman of the Regulatory and Complaint Board, co-chairman of the City Price Coordinating Council, and chairman of the City Joint Inspection Team.)


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