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A mere mention of my work would have been amazing already

By Ruby Thursday More
Mindanews .

SO thrilled that I finally get to share this secret with you: Etsy published a feature on me and the work I do at the Etsy blog today!

And so mag drama na ko…

You see, when Keith and I decided that I pursue this “creative life” full time with Etsy as my main platform for showing and selling my work, I used to wonder if we’ll ever survive.

There had been so many times when I doubted that decision especially on days when things just get so difficult. But Keith would always say “padayon lang gud.” On days when I had almost given up, Keith never wavered, as he always has on so many things in our lives and for that alone, I am truly grateful.

I read the Etsy blog (as well as their Seller Handbook) especially their feature stories on different artists, designers, makers, vintage sellers. It was such a useful reference especially when I was just starting out and a lot of the things I know about living and surviving life as a creative, I learned it from there. I swooned over the work and studios of these artists, all the while wondering if the day will ever come that me or my work will get to the Etsy blog pages as well.

A mere mention or photo of my work in one of the gift guides or roundups would have been amazing already.

But no. The Universe decided that I get a feature instead!

And to be chosen among the millions of sellers, it’s surreal. Really.

While this “artist” life may feel so dreamy, glamorous and ideal, it’s far from that in reality. There are so many unglamorous, un-Instagrammable tasks and situations at the backend. And like all things, it requires a lot of hard work, discipline, grit and sacrifice. I get so guilty every time I had to sacrifice precious time with Jordi because I have an order to complete. This is not the ideal work-at-home mom thing I imagined. But then, real life’s really like that, I guess.

When I look at the big picture, it is not by hard work, discipline, grit or sacrifice that Keith and I survived this life, and life in general. It is really only by God’s grace alone that we are able to get through everything. He blessed us with the love, kindness and support of family, friends, neighbors, clients and strangers.

And while there’s still so many things to do, dreams to work on, for now, I am taking this as a sign that somehow, we are on the right path, and that we will be alright.

Thanking the Heavens for affirming our decision.

Salamat kaayo, Lord. It is all you, really.

Daghan kaayong salamat sa inyong tanan from the bottom of my (hand embroidered) heart!

(Ruby Thursday More posted this on her Facebook page on Aug. 6, as she shared’s feature on her. Permission to publish granted. -Mindanews)


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