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A mother’s dilemma

Dave Achondo

I WAS a bit concern when I learned that a friend’s sister who works in abroad was having a dilemma regarding her plans to return home in order to attend her two children’s recognition and graduation day.

But her plans to celebrate and spend a longer time with her children is now being threatened by the Kauswagan Central School’s “out of the blue” multiple schedule changes. To add to her problems, everything has already been set and paid for from the venue, airline fares and more.

She said her children’s teacher informed her through Facebook that her kids’ recognition and graduation day has already been scheduled on April 7. However, it was suddenly moved to April 5, and recently, it was moved back to April 7 (final date) again.

She complained: “Ika 3 naman gud nag change sila ug date gyud, busa hasol kaayo na, nga naa sa ilahang memo una nga nakabotang maskin sa online nga ang tanan graduating sa public schools elementary kay on April 7, ang una nga schedule sa April 6 daw, tapos nag April 5, karon nag April 7 nasad.”

On March 15, Department of Education schools division superintendent Elena Borcillo sent a communication to public elementary and secondary school heads, education program supervisors and public schools district supervisors that the graduation and moving-up exercises for schools that were ahead in the implementation of the senior high program would be on April 6-7. School heads were advised to strictly stick to the schedule.

The mother said that before Deped posted the memorandum, the school’s teacher already informed her of the April 6 schedule. She said she and other parents thought it was the final.

Because of the repeated changes the school made, it did not sit well with some parents. Because of the confusion, her family is now having problems. Celebration venue reservations and airline ticket arrangements were already made and paid for in advance. Due to these changes, there would be unnecessary expenses on her part.

She complained that it took the school so long to tell parents about the memorandum which was posted on Deped’s Region 10 website on March 16. They announced the schedule before the memorandum was disseminated on March 15. The mother said she was informed about the “final change” only on Monday.

For an OFW, correct information about occasions such as this is crucial especially in her case. I would understand what her kids would feel if their mother fails to attend. If her plans push through, it would mean the children will be spending less time with their mother when they all expected her to stay for a week or more. Instead, she would only be staying with them for a few days. And for what? Because the school can’t make up its mind.

It was wrong for the school or teacher to announce a date before Deped could specify a date. It messed up the schedule of some parents who are away from home especially those who are working outside the city or abroad. OFWs prepare everything in advance.

The last time I checked, the Deped has the final say. And so, public schools and their teachers are supposed to wait for Deped to decide. See how troublesome it becomes when someone goes rogue and breaks the chain of command? Gubot ’no.

Of course, the school wouldn’t have to worry about what parents or guardians would have to deal with. But isn’t it natural for someone who works outside the country to put more effort on planning everything perfectly especially if they decide to come home for that particular event.

For her part, all the mother can ask is that schools and teachers should be mindful of what they tell the parents regarding events such as this, wait for official word from the Deped, and observe important dates in order for parents like her to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

It is truly hard for an OFW to join occasions such as this, not just because of financial reasons. It’s breaking a promise to your child that is the hard part.


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Dave Achondo
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