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A weirdo called quo warranto

Nora Soriño .

ILIGAN City – When the word quo warranto first came into our consciousness — thanks to Solicitor General Jose Calida — it seemed harmless. This is as regards to the then Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

I for one wondered about this. Is this an animal? A mammal? An alien? For out of the blue, Calida just snatched it and used it as a weapon to slay a dragon in his eyes called Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

I then decided that it is none of the above.

For it is just ah, well, weirdo. Like a bat. Yes, like a bat, an inner voice shouted at me. A bat, you see, is some strange creature which seem like a bird and “animal,” but it is neither. The birds would not have him even if he has wings because his other parts are that of an “animal.” The “animals” won’t have him either because he has wings. “Animals” don’t have wings.

A bat also rhymes with that strange creature that we fear because of its ugliness even if this is only seen in our worst nightmares.

And so on a hot summer day in May 2018, this weirdo called quo warranto struck CJ Sereno. Through its tools who were her peers then in that once hallowed halls called the Supreme Court.  (Now, I’m wondering whether it is just as hallow, as her supporters  are making “sugod” there as a result of the decision).

It was such a mortal blow. But Sereno was defiant. Her supporters are studying some weapon called motion for reconsideration which I think is a weak one. But who knows?

Meanwhile, several voices were heard from also strange creatures called lawyers. They have different voices. Some called quo warranto an animal while others called it a bird. No, I think there is some mix up here. But nevermind.

So, what is a quo warranto?

I asked Mely, a friend, who is an MA (morag abodgao) and she answered: “I’d compare that to a pronoun in English. Which is a word used instead of a noun. Which is just as effective.”

“What do you mean by that,” I asked.

“Quo warranto can be used to dispose of some CJ instead of impeachment? Which is just as effective?”

She just gave me a strange smile, which to me was as weird, as quo warranto disposal of a CJ. As some millenials would say, “Di ko ma-gets!” Why? Because it gets weirder and weirder…


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