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Alem Gacia: Behind the Glitz and Glamour

Another rare opportunity came about last Thursday, Nov. 15 at the Superstar KTV Lounge & Club during its Comedy Night as we got a chance not only to laugh our socks-off, but also a nice one-on-one talk with the star behind Bai TV’s “Laysho Ka Di” and the Queen of the Kitty Katkats, all the way from Cebu city – Alem Garcia, behind the glitz and glamour.

Alem Garcia is a performing artist at heart, she is also an online influencer using her blog and vlog ( ) posts to entertain her loyal followers with her comedy that only Alem can deliver.

She also shares, amidst that calm demeanor there’s a fire inside her every time she walks on stage and performs. Alem is a goal driven individual with a passion of performing, loves meeting new people and has a simple outlook in life.

But there is another side of her that not many may have known “I am a very anxious person, like almost every single time I tend to over think things. I get anxious about a lot of things, murag daghan kaayo ko worries sa life,” she said.

However, Alem sees it as a positive and negative thing about her.

“I think that’s the positive and negative thing about me, because it’s one way or another how I process things, it’s how I aim to be better and improve on those lapses, but at the same time, the downside of it is it lags how I process things in my work and personal life,” Alem shares.

As Kagay-anons we are unfamiliar of her shows; however if anything can be said about that event (Comedy Night) is – It was awesome.

Kagay-anon should definitely come and watch her shows online or live and have a good laugh.

The Queen of the Kitty KatKats

“Bai TV offered me the show (Laysho Ka Di) in September 2017, back then I thought it would never materialized, and then suddenly they contacted me again in January 2018, and we finally taped it in March and eventually released it in June,” Alem said.

She share that during the beginning they (Bai TV) were looking for somebody who can represent the things that people are actually afraid to talk about, which is happening all around us, and bring it to life in a way that we can all relate to.

“The show would talk about things that are happening around us that we are afraid to talk about. Diman sad siya Taboo, but because it’s an unspoken reality – Queen of the Kitty Katkats is a story and a role,” she explains.

Adding that “Basically, it’s something I was afraid of doing at the very beginning. But as I see it, I motivated myself to do it. And it’s a two way process, and I’m thankful to Bai TV for trusting me to actually do this show for them,” Alem said.

To My Supporters

“I am very thankful because I’ve reached so many goals in life. For without them I wouldn’t be doing things like this, such as performing here in Cagayan de oro (Superstar KTV Loung  & Club), having projects. I definitely owe my success to them and to the people who supported me,” Alem said.

Alem in One Word

“BEAUTIFUL, because that is how I describe who I am,” she concluded.

“Laysho Ka Di” can be watched on Alem Garcia’s social media pages, and on BAI TV every Thursday at 7pm.


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