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Ambition and all-knowing bets

Butch Bagabuyo

“If you want to reach the highest, begin at the lowest.” – Syrus, Maxims

AMONG the four leading “presidentiables,” the foundling is clearly out of the race. It’s not only because the 1987 Constitution defines who are natural-born citizens–and a foundling is not one of them–but because she is too ambitious yet sorely lacking in experience in governance.

As I have previously written in this column, had she been humble enough to accept her lack of experience in governance, she would have easily been a sure winner for the vice presidency. But because most Filipinos agree that the exalted office of the presidency in our country is providential (not a destiny), she is now in hot water and her disqualification based on the 1987 Constitution is but a matter of time.

But the teeming millions of poor Filipinos can only hope and pray that our Supreme Court comes out with an immediately executory decision before the Comelec prints the official ballots for the May 9, 2016 elections even as a good many frown over the the Commission’s timetable on the printing of official ballots.

The Supreme Court owes it to the Filipino people.

Like it or not, our man, Davao Mayor Rodrigo “Super Digong” Duterte in tandem with Sen. Alan Cayetano–the only team where both the presidential and the vice presidential bets need each other–will come out the winning team by a landslide based on these uncontested facts:

  • During the last 80 long and excruciating years that our country has had national elections, this is the very first time that a Mindanaoan candidate is included as a viable presidential candidate of a duly recognized political party, the PDP-Laban of the late President Cory. Not only that, Duterte is the frontrunner, and is trending in the surveys.
  • Since the start of the elections in 1935 until the ruthless dictator from the north, Ferdinand E. Marcos, whimsically changed the rules, in all presidential tandems, it was always a North and South team but always excluding Mindanao, except at the height of our illustrious statesman from Mindanao, the late Vice President Emmanuel N. Pelaez, the man known as the best president the Philippines never had. Of the 15 elected Presidents, 12 came from Luzon of Imperial Manila, and three from the Visayas with only 10 million voters. There was none from Mindanao, the second largest island of the archipelago, approximately six times bigger than City-State Singapore and the breadbasket of our country with commanding votes of 12.5 million.
  • Of the five presidential candidates, only Duterte is the true clamor by the people. He is, in fact, the only hesitant presidential candidate because he lacks funds by choice. He has been offered huge financial backing by business tycoons but despite his lack of personal funds to run a national campaign, “Mr. Punisher” has politely turned them all down. However, only the Duterte-Cayetano team, and none other, has an umbrella organization of volunteers-in-deed (ordinary people who have deemed it necessary to contribute what little they have to produce what they deemed as the required warm bodies), who meet regularly on a weekly basis to find ways and means to unify and strengthen the various people’s organizations into an effective tools for victory.
  • Of the four viable presidential-vice presidential teams, only Duterte has dared the Filipino people not to vote for him if they would not vote for his vice presidential choice, an equally brave and intellectual Sen. Cayetano of the North. The other presidential bets are trembling at the thought of challenging the voters not to vote for them if they would not vote for their respective vice presidential candidate.
  • This is the only presidential derby where both candidates of the administration and opposition–Mar Roxas and the erstwhile leading opposition party UNA of Vice President Jejomar Binay–have to beg if not, buy for hefty sums in the tune of millions of reasons, their vice presidential candidates. What is even more unpalatable if not laughable, is the allegation by certain political spin doctors that a vice presidential candidate from the North panicked when our man did not file his certificate of candidacy for the presidency during the original deadline; his stress was such that millions of reasons were advanced to convince a sick person to run for the President.
  • Only the Duterte-Cayetano team and none other has pledged that they will, without fail, change governance in our country within six months, from the worn-out-scandalidden presidential type to the only system where every state is sovereign yet within a federal form of government, thereby spreading and ensuring progress to every state in accordance with its own work-style or constitution. It would be unlike today when only Imperial Manila syphons off all the resources and gives back to the locals crumbs befitting second-class citizens if not, beggars.
  • Finally, the Duterte-Cayetano tandem is the only team-up where the teeming millions of the poor are encouraged and empowered by joining our hand-to-mouth-generosity to ensure overwhelming victory for the charismatic and men of the hour Duterte-Cayetano tandem.

Du30-Cayetano pa more!

Tsada, di ba?

“From listening comes wisdom, and from speaking repentance.” – Italian Proverb

Where it not for PNoy’s audacity and natuwad nga dalan of selective justice and prosperity only for his cronies, the administration candidates of the Liberal party today would not have been placed in the same sinking ship of now detained former President GMA. And because both PNoy and GMA are children of former presidents, they have the same weakness: all-knowing and never-listening.


About Butch Bagabuyo

Butch Bagabuyo is a Cagayanon lawyer who once served as a senior state prosecutor of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

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  1. Avatar

    Only Duterte Cayetano tandem shows sincerity and they know how to execute their platform needless to make bola sa mga tao. Silang dalawa ang di marunong magkunwari just to get votes. I do believe that if Duterte Cayetano will not win our country will be in bad luck for six years! that is a reality! Kung ayaw niyo ng pagbabago wag si Duterte at Cayetano ang iboto. Kung ayaw niyo na maproteksiyan ang kinabukasan ng bawat kabataan wag iboto si Duterte at Cayetano. Kung gusto niyo ng kurapsyon wag Duterte at Cayetano ang iboto.

    Kaya ako na sawang sawa na sa mga pulpolitika sina Duterte at Cayetano ang iboboto ko!

  2. Avatar

    Go Mayor Duterte and Sen Cayetano para sa tunay na pagbabago suportado nmin kau. Totoong may malasakit sa bansa!

  3. Avatar

    finally mayor duterte and sen cayetano come to save our country! we longing for a real change for so long ! go for the win mayor duterte and sen cayetano!

  4. Avatar

    we been craving for a real change as in literally changes in our country! Now that Mayor Duterte and Sen Cayetano are vivid on making this country a better place to live in. from work industrial, economy , crime and drugs problem , throwing all corrupt out of government this changes is what we waiting for long time. I salute Duterte-Cayetano 2016!

  5. Avatar

    we have the right to choose the right people to lead us this upcoming election. if we really want a real changes then vote for the people who has a solid platform of a HUGE change in our country Mayor Duterte and Sen Cayetano!

  6. Avatar

    we are from a reform administration over a decade its time for a real FULLY CHANGE in our country. only mayor duterte and sen cayetano are the only hope to have a leaders who really care for us and serve us with HONESTY.

  7. Avatar

    Mayor Duterte and Sen Cayetano are the only people have a good intention of changing our country.They prove to us that they are well experience to make this country a NO CRIME,NO DRUGS and ANTI CORRUPT governance. We will support you for the better future of our nation.

  8. Avatar

    Sila ang may mga totoong malasakit sa tao lalong lalo na sa mahihirap, sa kanilang mga adhikain sa bansa ay maganda at hindi puro pera or politika lang… kaya kami hindi namin gusto ang ibang mga kandidato nas ang alam lang ay pa cute, pa yaman sa buhay. Duterte-Cayetano puro sa tao lang ang iniisip nila. Kaya kayo mga masasamang tao mag handa na kayo at kapag sila Mayor Duterte- at Sen. Allan ang nanalo wla na kayo paglalagayan sa bansang pinas..

    Duterte= Cayetano lang po…………

  9. Avatar

    kung gusto nyong gumanda ang ating bansa dapat iboto nyo ing taong kumakandidato na may malinis na hangarin saatin mga tao at hindi puro ang nasa isip ay magnakaw ng pera ng bansa.. Tayo lang naman ang makikinabang kung ang mga masasama ay mababawasan… Tanging DC tandem lang ang makakagawa nyan….

  10. Avatar

    Kaming mga kababaihan natutuwa sa plataporma ng DC tandem kasi maraming mga menor de edad naaabuso, kaya kung sila ang nanalo makampante na ang loob namin.. At sa mga matatanda may totoong malasakit sila…
    kaya hindi kami magsasawang susuporta sa kanila…… DUCAY para sa 2018 Election

  11. Avatar

    Hindi malayong manalo kayo Mayor Duterte- at Sen, Allan Cayetano kasi sa mga problema na hinaharap ngayon ng bansa ay gusto agad nyong sosolusyunan mga tao suportado agad kayo sa mga gusto nyong mangyari…Tutulong kami sa pagsulong ng pagbabago ng ating bansa…..sainyo kami humahanga DC tandem na….

  12. Avatar

    Naniniwala kami at nag titiwala sa kakayahan nila Duterte-Cayetano na masusugpo ang krimen dito saatin, hindi na kami nagdadawalang isip na iboto kayo kasi lubos ng mgaling at matapang na tao. pagmalasakit sa tao yan agad ang nakikita namin sainyo…… Ang Sambayanang Pilipino hindi magsisisi sa pag suporta sainyo….

    President= Rody Duterte Vice-President = Peter Allan Cayetano para sa 2016 Election.

  13. Avatar

    Yesss the real change is coming DUTERTE-CAYETANO is coming…. we need fo VOTE THEM THIS COMING MAY ELECTION … They have the good intention to our country for the corrupt official and the druglords they will stop thier bad attitude. All Filipinos including the OFW support your tandem coz they see wat was your intention to us…WE SALUTE YOUR TANDEM for having a good heart specially to the poor people…

    DUCAY for 2016……

  14. Avatar

    Duterte-Cayetano has a good intention for our country. They know what is best for us and for our country. They have a good heart and character. They are truly an inspiration for all the Filipino people.

  15. Avatar

    We want real change. We want a strong leader. And that is Duterte and Cayetano!

  16. Avatar

    Let’s support Duterte-Cayetano because they have better plans.

  17. Avatar

    Only Duterte and Cayetano can bring real change that we want for our country.

  18. Avatar

    Mayor Duterte and Senator Cayetano will do a very good job of leading the Philippines on the right path.

  19. Avatar

    Yes to Mayor Duterte and Sen. Cayetano! You truly are an inspiration to people of all races. Best tandem.

  20. Avatar

    Maganda ang adhilain nila Mayor Duterte at Senator Cayetano dahil nakikita ng mga mraming tao ang pinaka problema, kaya gusto nilang sulusyunan para matapos na ang kahirapan sa bansang ito. Silang dalawa lang ang may kakayahan sa sitwasyong ito ng pinas,

  21. Avatar

    Perfect tambalan, Sa kanilang dalawa ko lang nakita ung mutual trust at respect at loyalty. Only one tandem can make a huge difference in our country and that is Duterte and Cayetano.

  22. Avatar

    Wala nang ibang dapat na suportahan kundi sina Duterte at Cayetano lang. Sila lang ang alam kong tunay na makakapagpaunlad ng Pilipinas. Sama sama na tayong sumuporta kina Mayor Duterte at Sen Cayetano.

  23. Avatar

    Tapang at Malasakit nila Digong at Cayetano ang kelangan ng pinas ngayon! kaya silang dalawa ang iboboto namin ng pamilya ko! Go DC! sa pagbabago!!

  24. Avatar

    Si mayor at sen alan lang ang karapatdapat na maging pinuno natin dahil may mabuti silang kalooban at hindi corrupt. Para sa pagbabago ng ating bansa. Duterte at Cayetano lang ang nakikita kong swak sa posisyon.

  25. Avatar

    sila ang susi sa tunay na pagbabago..duterte at cayetano lang wala ng iba.. sila ang nararapat na maging leader magaling at maaasahan.

  26. Avatar

    duterte and cayetano lng ang the best na tambalan ngayun.. khit ano mangyari sila number 1 samin..

  27. Avatar

    our country need a president who has a hard stance against ilegal drugs , crime and corruption. A wise vice president who raised and has a blood of a honest.. so we need mayor duterte and sen alan cayetano in our country..

  28. Avatar

    sa wakas 2016 na.. happy new year and happy new president and vice president.. nakakaamoy n ako ng pagbabago ah.. duterte/cayetano para sa pagbabago nagyong 2016..

  29. Avatar

    NO to Words of promises and lies, YES to REal ACTION and real CHANGES.. yes sen alan and mayor duterte..

  30. Avatar

    kayang kaya ausin nila sen alan at mayor duterte ung mga droga n talamak s bawat kanto ntn.. kayang kya harapin nila yan kayang sugpuin.

  31. Avatar

    wag na maghanap ng ibang tandem the best na ang duterte cayetano, kita sa aksyon at serbisyo, at alam mong may pagmamahal at malasakit sa bansa natin..

  32. Avatar

    ang prinsipyo nila sen alan at mayor duterte n pag papatupad ng batas kahit sino ka man, yan ang dapat yan ang kailangan ng bansa ntn dhl s panahon ngaun masyado n madaming halang ang kaluluwa mga wala ng takot, dapt masugpo mga yan..

  33. Avatar

    sa laht ng kakandidatong presidente at bise sila cayetano at duterte lang ang nakitaan ko ng malasakit s bansa at sa taong bayan kya dto n ako..

  34. Avatar

    puso at malasakit sa bansa ang need natin hnde ung mga politikong pakitang tao,, si mayor du30 and kuya alan alam mong may puso at malasakit kaya sila dpt ang manalo

  35. Avatar

    simpleng pangalan duterte at cayetano pero malaki ang pag babago ang hatid nla…

  36. Avatar

    mahal na mahal po nmen ang tambalan duterte at cayetano..

  37. Avatar

    sila duterte at cayetano tlga ang dapat na suportahan dahil maasahan sila..

  38. Avatar

    walang makakapantay duterte siya lang ang dpat na maging pangulo ng bansa…

  39. Avatar

    wag na tayo mag dalawang isip pa sa iboboto naten duterte at cayetano na tayo..

  40. Avatar

    sbi nga nila LOYALTY IS EVERYWHERE,at ayan ang tambalang cayetano at duterte napapanahon na ng pag babago eto na po….

  41. Avatar

    kahit ano pa ang sabihin niyo o paninira na gawin niyo Duterte Cayetano parin ang asusuportahan ko!!

  42. Avatar

    Wala nang ibang may kaya na bagohin ang bansa na to kundi si Duterte at Cayetano lang!! Para sa tunay na pagbabago!!

  43. Avatar

    Ganyan dapat di pa nakaupo sa pwesto tumutulong na. Ano pa kaya kung nakaupo na. Diba?? Kaya Cyetano Duterte na tayo para sa pagbabago!!!

  44. Avatar

    Pag si Cayetano Duterte ang iboto makakamit natin ang asenso ng bansa.

  45. Avatar

    Para sa pagbabago DuterteCayetano na ang ating suportahan!!

  46. Avatar

    Duterte at Cayetano, may paninindigan sa bayan, ilagay natin sa pwesto! Tayo na sa pagbabago!

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