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#Bantaybastos hypocrisy

Ben Contreras .

THE #BANTAYBASTOS campaign is bereft of sincerity and good intentions, an advocacy pregnant with political hypocrisy. If you don’t believe it is targeting the President and his men, just look at the people in the picture and the people posting it.

Bastos is a character flaw we all have. We can be nice people but bastos in given situations. Even the servants of God can be bastos — no, very bastos.

But what about being bastos? Is it worse than being corrupt? Corruption is a sin against the state and the people. Why are you silent on it? I know why. It’s because you are benefitting from it. A dog does not bite the hands that feed.

I have had enough of this hypocrisy. You have plenty to say against the President. You mock him, make joke of his illness and the medicine he takes as if you won’t get old and sick one day. What kind of happiness do you get from it? Would you be happy when you get bedidden and people laugh at your state of health deterioration?

What is bastos to you, anyway? Wife grabbing is not bastos to you? Giving your wife to another man is not bastos to you? Uncontrolled sexual appetite is not bastos to you? Overpricing is not bastos to you? But you remain silent on all these despite the fact that these continue to happen.

Being hypocrite is just one thing. Being fed with dirty money is another. The latter is not a character flaw. It is a choice.

Many things are happening in the city, bad things, and you’ve been silent on these issues. Why? Arf! Arf!

Someday, you will reap what you sow.


Kikang Uy is the recognized mayor by the DILG and his refusal to assume his office led to the filing of a “dereliction of duty” against him. If the court rules against him, Zaldy Ocon becomes the mayor. If Ocon refuses to be, then Lordan Suan becomes the mayor, and that would be great for the city, to say the least.

A lawyer has been invited to our Friday radio program next week to share his thoughts on certain issues hot in the city. Another one or two would be called to express their views. It is hoped that they won’t change their mind.

Kikang’s continued presiding the city council could be taken against him, and so with Ocon if the rule on succession is considered.

One lawyer commented that since the question of who should be the mayor is a political issue, the lawyers of Dongkoy Emano should be vocal in their views and interpretations of the law. The way things are, Dongkoy is not likely to commission his lawyer on this. He is not the direct beneficiary. But what if it will pave the way for Suan’s ascension to the throne? Ah, that would be another story.

I don’t know Suan but I know his father. Certainly, apples don’t grow on banana trees.


Finally, the COWD booted out Engr. Rachel Beja and installed Engr. Bienvenido Batar who once had a case against the board. With the Pangilinan group at the helm, expect not that consumers would be awash with water, only money in some pockets which the new group is capable of doing so long as the group gets what it wants.

But the fight is not over yet. The Kagay-anons are willing to be fried in their own lard (magpaluto sa kaugalingong mantika) with their silence. Are they?


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