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Mt. Kitanglad

The thing with travel photography is that it never fails to surprise you. You may go to the same province or area so many times, but there will always be something that may catch you unaware. For the past 3 weeks I have climbed volcanoes, witnessed hundreds of volunteer environmental protectors gather at an ASEAN Heritage Park, and ventured into regions I have only seen in photographs.

I am one of many travel enthusiasts in the country, and I’ve always asked myself what sets me apart. I’m not in any way an influencer or a blogger to say the least, but I now see myself as an educator of sorts.

Inanong Tribe Kalinga

I believe that travelling can teach you a lot about different cultures, places and people but most importantly, it teaches you a lot about yourself. Like what food you don’t want to eat, which people you want to mingle with or which places you want to photograph. Travel and photography doesn’t come easy, like I’ve said in a previous article, travel photographers are at the mercy of so many factors.

You either have to be born with lady luck at your side or you’ve developed an intense ability to patiently wait for the right conditions to take the shot.

The essence or the value of a photograph is the story which it tells. We often find ourselves at awe in the wonders of the landscape, festivities or beauty in general in front of us and what better way to immortalize it is by taking a photo.

I have taken countless photos and I by doing so, I have trained my eye, mind and senses to become better and increase my chances in the next undertaking to get a better photograph. I believe that being at the right time, the right place and the right moment can beat any expensive camera system. That is why you have to be mentally prepared to create that photograph and search for it relentlessly.

Callao Cave in Cagayan-Province

Being a photographer is not all glitz, glamour, awards and fame, most of the time it’s just about you and your camera, in search for that picture perfect moment. And when you post in social media, please take in to consideration a lot of things.

Lanzones Festival – Camiguin

What will be its impact to the people? What will it make them feel? What we photograph, show and write on our social media accounts (or a column) should always make our readers strive to become a greater positive force in the world. By doing photography, become and create the change you want to see in the world. Always become better.


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