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Netnet Camomot .

TO egg, or not to egg, that is the question.

Once upon a time, eggs were considered bad due to the yolk’s cholesterol level. Then, one egg a day became good last year, according to a research result. Now, a new research released by Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine says one and a half eggs per day are bad, and it’s the yolk’s fault again for wreaking havoc on your body. So, one egg a day remains fine. Pair that with bacon for breakfast—yum! But bacon is processed meat.

At least, you can still have eggs in your daily dose of tapsilog, tocilog, longsilog, and all other logs. But tapa, tocino, and longganisa are also processed meat.

Obviously, breakfast doesn’t seem complete without eggs. It’s tradition!

There’s even the egg diet which has several versions, with some following the one-egg-a-day limit, while there’s one that recommends an egg per meal, or three eggs daily. Que horror!

But men usually have two eggs. If you’re asking why, that can only mean you have no sense of humor at all. Ho-hum. And if you’re wondering if the man sitting right next to you has two eggs, that can only mean you have a sense of rumor.

Eggs are easy to prepare and cook, that’s why they’re popular. A hard-boiled egg, for example, is like instant coffee and instant noodles: Just add water. And it’s less harmful compared to the processed meat that’s usually paired with it.

For an exam or game, however, an egg—itlog—means a zero score.

For the political candidate, it means zero votes. Which will haunt him after spending gazillions of his and his “investors’” money to fund the campaign. While prematurely calculating their collective return on investment, they should have also considered that he could lose. Ouch. Should he refund his investors’ investments then?

Investing on a political candidate must be similar to gambling in a casino. Treat it as an expense. If the candidate wins—yay! If he loses—lesson learned.

But that doesn’t make the Ponzi scheme as the wiser investment unless you’re on top of its pyramid.

Food, on the other hand, is a sound investment as long as it can maintain its yumminess. It doesn’t even have to be healthy as proven by the success of fast food outlets. But a resto’s location still matters. If it’s on top of Mount Everest, I don’t think it will be as jolly as the jolliest bee.

Having a cute mascot is also a plus. I mean, who doesn’t want to hug Jollibee? And he can dance!

Having a popular endorser can also add more fans to the resto. Surely, Jollibee is now selling lots of tuna pies, thanks to Nadine Lustre.

Kris Aquino is another endorser who has helped popularize many products, and her commercials continue to air in between those long and winding teleseryes and variety shows despite the controversies brought about by the cases she filed against Nicko Falcis.

A political candidate’s wish-ko-lang must be to have a celebrity as his mascot, er, endorser. But that may confuse the voter who will now look for the celebrity’s name on the ballot.

The plataporma is the most informative way to introduce a candidate to the madlang pehpohl in Pinas but since the Pinoy prefers the kind of entertainment that a teleserye and a noontime show can offer, he expects a political campaign to be the same since, per his assessment of the country’s political situation, all political candidates will end up corrupt, anyway, so might as well have fun with them during the campaign season.

By the way, some people do throw raw eggs at government officials they don’t like. The next time it happens, try to catch the eggs and have them for breakfast the next day.

A candidate tends to show his best self at campaign sorties—don’t be fooled by his promises. Most probably they’re empty shells without the yolk and egg white. Which is great news to the dieter who’s trying to limit his egg intake, but not to the voter who expects that candidate to be the epitome of a good politician.

But a good politician could be an oxymoron in this age of plunder and pork barrel scams. He doesn’t exist.

So, vote for the candidate who will be the least corrupt among the corrupt. But how to know that? Hmmm. That is another question.


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