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Breaking free

Netnet Camomot .

SPRING cleaning can be like that song: “Where do I begin… Where do I start.”

But one has to begin and start.

I wrote about this before, and here it is again, my unsolicited advice for the young ones who have not begun accumulating things: Don’t.

Because things need storage space, precious space that can cost money as you consider adding more square meters to the house in order to have enough space for things.

The less possessions, the less space needed. That’s as simple as one plus one equals three. But then, a store has a cute piggy, and there I am again buying it, like as if I don’t have enough piggies at home.

I now need one big cabinet for my piggies. Imagine that. I guess it’s time to apply Marie Kondo’s rule for books to my piggies, too: keep 30 pieces only.

Well, there’s this book I’ve been reading for a week now, which goes against my promise to read one book every two days. But life happens, I simply can’t stay home and read books the whole day.

My idea of paradise is, of course, staying home and reading books the whole day. But this is not paradise despite the apples in my diet: an apple for brunch, another apple for dinner. To complete that picture, this village has snakes which can jump on anyone cooking a meal in the dirty kitchen.

Paradise is possible, though, for those who practise a minimalist lifestyle since they don’t have clutter, they don’t need a bigger space, and they use their resources with much wisdom and care. In other words, Adam and Eve would be enough, with the apples and snakes serving as clutter.

The rest of us who are on our way to a minimalist lifestyle—that is, if anyone of us is indeed going in that direction—can start by not buying unnecessary items.

But last week, I decided I needed the white and gray versions of the black and navy T-shirts that I bought last month, to complete the set. Haha!

That’s what some people do—they buy all the colors of a particular T-shirt that they like. That’s simplified shopping—no need to go around the mall to look for other styles. You can do the same for blouses, dresses, pants, and shoes. But here’s one important tip: they should be on sale.

Maintaining your weight is another tip, so you don’t have to buy new clothes for every ten pounds you lose or gain. Ouch. Easy for me to say, huh? There are four suitcases and travel bags filled with small- and medium-sized clothes which are waiting for me to lose weight.

I’ve been on a no-rice diet for several months now, and the only thing I’ve lost so far is the rice. That’s why the apples for brunch and dinner. It so happens that an apple makes everything else taste good, so I guess I’m eating more now than I did before when rice was still a major part of my diet. I’m simply following the KonMari method, too, for the diet: it should spark joy, as long as it’s not rice.

Rice and carbs have been blamed for too many weight gains, don’t be shocked if one of these days they will stage a protest against the ketogenic diet. But piggies don’t like the keto diet. So, which way do we go? Vegan then, which helped Simon Cowell lose 20 pounds.

The Bureau of Corrections seems to be in spring cleaning mode, too, as it’s about to release former Calauan, Laguna Mayor Antonio Sanchez who was convicted for the 1993 rape and murder of Eileen Sarmenta and the murder of her boyfriend, Allan Gomez.

Yup, que horror! But this is Pinas where plunderers can go free, the family of a former dictator can make a huge comeback, and detained politicians can run and win in the elections. Yay?

Pinas should also adopt the KonMari Method in choosing politicians. Anyone who doesn’t spark joy will definitely not be sent to the “keep” bin.

Yup, spring cleaning can be painful for one too attached to his position and/or possessions, and may not have the nerve to sing, “I want to break free.”


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