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No war, now money

By Erick San Juan THE failure to come up with a communiqué for the first time in the 45 years of the Asean Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Cambodia is a sign of how China’s “soft power” operation influenced the decisions of some of the Asean members. The division within did not allow …

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Debate of the decade in the offing

Butch Bagabuyo writes: With Misamis Oriental Gov. Oscar “Oca” Moreno having declared in no uncertain manner that he would run for mayor in the City of Cagayan de Oro against Mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Emano, the very least that we, Cagayanons, could expect from these local political titans, is a continuing debate between the two of them.

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Norris for governor or congressman?

By Jay Valleser MISAMIS Oriental Gov. Oscar Moreno declared during his state of the province address that he has “anointed” Vice Gov. Norris Babiera to be his standard bearer for the province next year. Many cheered. Capitol employees hoped they’ll finally get what Oca denied them for a long time while …

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Simple, divide the house

Ben Contreras writes: The name of the game is “divide and rule.” Whatever happened to the proposed 3rd District for our city? Five new measures made it through the city council via the tyranny of numbers. The laws seek to create new barangays out of big barangays in the city.

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Mining expansion means disaster

MILITARY operations in Mindanao have escalated and have become more extensive with the aim to thwart the ever growing and widespread people’s protest against destructive mining operations and plantations owned by imperialists, the big comprador bourgeois and big landlords. After having ravaged the environment by way of wanton logging, imperialists and the local ruling clique insidiously intend to inflict even greater devastation to the environment; and, to deprive, oppress and exploit further the Lumads, Moro, peasants and workers in order to satiate their greed for superprofit.

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