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Cheesiest and meatiest

Netnet Camomot .

LIKE the designated driver for drinking sessions, there should be a designated Facebook (FB) post-er for your beach photos otherwise everyone will be posting the same photos featuring the same people in exactly the same poses. Yes, some social media photos are déjà vu moments: I think I have seen these before.

The politically correct term for the word “fired” is “advised to resign,” and this has had its share of déjà vu, too, as President Rody Duterte continues his spring cleaning by firing incompetent and/or corrupt government officials.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) is one of those that benefited from his spontaneous spring cleaning and it’s now under new management with Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat. In a TV interview last week, she said she thought her role includes walking along the beach, but with Boracay closed and tourism projects requiring audits, it’s definitely not a walk in the park.

Other beaches in Pinas are now gearing up to be the next Boracay as the summer heat continues to be hhhhhot, since the beach is always fun—swimming, lechon, sinugbang tiyan sa baboy, sinugbang isda, kinilaw, siesta galore, sunsets, and there’s the two-piece: rash guard and sarong.

Camouflaging the fats is the norm among some vacationers who have had too much carbs, no thanks to spiels such as these: “Nothing beats the Cheesiest, Meatiest, Best Tasting Jolly Spaghetti kaya naman the best for bonding with family”; and “Make room for a new favorite—our cheesiest and meatiest McSpaghetti ever!” Whew! Ano ba talaga, Kuya?

But if on a diet, you’re better off with the literal meaning of Langhap Sarap—inhaling the aroma of bulad as it fries. Which could be the aromatherapy version of “Buhay Carinderia.”

Since staying outdoors in this summer heat can be dangerous to your health, the mall’s cinemas offer an extra cccccold air-conditioned convenience while watching “Deadpool 2” which, by the way, inspires you to burst into song: “Take on me (take on me)/Take me on (take on me).” And it reminds you of “Green Lantern” and the first “Deadpool,” like the way “Avengers: Infinity War” made you watch “Thor: Ragnarok.” That’s the beauty of prequels, sequels and movie franchises—the need to have a refresher course before moving on to the next.

There’s another prequel this week, “Solo: A Star Wars Story.” It’s time to binge-watch other “Star Wars” movies.

Actors are hired to, well, act. So, Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool and Green Lantern, and Josh Brolin is Thanos in “Infinity War” and Cable in “Deadpool 2.” Of the four movies, only “Green Lantern” is DC, the rest are Marvel, resulting in a clueless audience that will be hopelessly confused for life.

It was in “Green Lantern” that Reynolds met his future wife Blake Lively who once starred in the TV series, “Gossip Girl.” Hmmm. Is that TMI for the confused minute brain? Tsk tsk. We better switch to something local such as this chika in Cagayan de Oro on who will be the next Liga ng mga Barangay president. With President Rody Duterte’s war on drugs as a guide, the politician who wishes to be CDO mayor next year should choose his bet wisely.

“Kasal” is also into politics as Philip Cordero (Paulo Avelino) is running for mayor. And it’s worth watching if you miss Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo). But only Alonzo is in the film since Lloydie would rather hibernate with Ellen Adarna.

As I exited the theater after watching “Kasal,” the cinema attendant at the entrance said, Gihilak si Ma’am! Wow. I-announce gyud?

Feel-good Pinoy films tend to look like a DOT advertisement, so, “Kasal” features the Temple of Leah which has become Cebu’s Taj Mahal as it was dedicated by Teodorico Adarna to his late wife Leah. Yes, they’re Ellen’s paternal grandparents, in case you’re asking. There’s the six degrees of separation right there for Alonzo and the Temple.

A wedding is usually held in June, but for “Kasal,” it’s conveniently inserted before the election to add more pogi points to Cordero’s candidacy. Like any vested interest, however, Cordero’s political strategy also has the potential to—spoiler alert!—turn ugly. Yup, you have seen that same plot before.

Still, the two seasons in Pinas, with or without politics, will always be hot and hotter. There are times, though, when they’re either dry or wet, as dry as Lia’s (Alonzo) ex Wado’s (Derek Ramsay) love life, and as wet as the tears pouring down your face upon realizing Romeo (Lloydie) may not be returning to “Home Sweetie Home.”


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