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Council starts probe into deductions in seniors’ allowances

THE city council is looking into the complaint of the officers of the federation of senior citizens in the city. Councilor Leon Gan said the officers claimed they were entitled to a quarterly allowance of P1,000. However, in December 2014 and June, this year, instead of receiving the full amount, they only received P600.

Gan said they were reportedly told that the deduction of P400 was used to cover the cost of their food during the meeting.

“The problem is they were asked to sign a voucher worth P1,000 each of the officers… Now we need an inquiry for this aron mahibal-an nato ngano nga gikuhaan ang ilang quarterly allowance og P400,” Gan said.

He said P400 is too much for their meals considering that in some food chains, even P150 or P170 would already be enough.

Gan also raised questions on who authorized the deductions. “Kinsay nagsugo nga ipa-deduct nga such was made without the consent, without the approval coming from the federation? We need to conduct an inquiry aron basig mahunong or matagaan nato sa mahapsay nga pamaagi nga makuha ang ilang allowance,” he said.

He said he believes their food allowance should come from another account. “We do not want this to continue unless we have a proper procedure for this,” he stressed.

Gan proposed that the complaint be tackled by the committee on senior citizens chaired by Councilor Roger Abaday. Councilor Ramon Tabor said the committee should also look into who is catering for their meals during meetings.
Meanwhile, Councilor Lourdes Darimbang said pertinent vouchers must also be submitted.

“Who was the person responsible for the release and who signed the voucher?” she asked. The councilor proposed that senior citizens be given a fixed amount of allowance.

For her part, Councilor Nadya Emano-Elipe questioned the legality of having senior citizens sign for P1,000 even if the actual amount was only P600.

“Is it allowed by law that senior citizens be made to sign that they received P1,000 and only a portion be given? Pwede bana sya?” she asked.

Councilor Dante Pajo, who is the former chair of the committee on senior citizens, said officers of the federation used to receive a monthly allowance of P300.

Meetings were held monthly with the Office of the City Mayor providing separate funds for their snacks, he said.


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