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Davao dads OK mental health code

DAVAO City — The City Council has approved in third and final reading the proposed Mental Health Code of Davao City, in their session this week.

The new ordinance upholds the right of the people to mental health and encourages mental health consciousness.

Under the approved code, the city government will adopt an integrated and comprehensive approach to the development of the Mental Health Care Program and Delivery System in Davao City.

It aims “to deliver appropriate services and interventions including provisions of mental health protection, care, treatment, and other essential services to those with mental illness or disability.”

The scope of the Mental Health Delivery System includes the primary health and social care services to meet the multiple needs of people with mental disorders.

Mental health services will be available and provided to by the barangay health workers, social workers, law enforcement personnel trained in identifying mental health concerns, and the adequately trained Emergency Central 911 personnel.  (


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