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IN FAVOR. Majority of the 18th City Council members vote to pass the Anti-Unattended Bag Ordinance penned by Councilors Bernard Al-ag and Nilo Abellera on July 11, last year. Davao Today file photo by Paulo C. Rizal

Davao dads to focus on budget, no road blockade ordinance

DAVAO City — The Sangguniang Panglungsod of Davao will prioritize the passage of the 2019 Annual Budget and the No Blocking on the City Roads measure before the year ends.

Vice Mayor Bernard Al-ag said the SP will start deliberating on the budget this month while discussing on the No Blocking on the City Roads Measure which prohibits the stalling of vehicles on any public roads in the city.

He said the No Blocking on the City Roads Measure has a corresponding penalty.

“We are now discussing on the committee level the pending item under the Committee on Public Safety under Councilor Acosta. The first recognition is to prevent the stalling of highways from Lasang to Panacan area. I proposed to cover all of Davao City,” Al-ag said.

He said exemptions to this measure are road closures with authority from the Sangguniang Panglungsod of Davao.

Al-ag said as per the Local Government Code, only the City Council has an authority to close the road through an ordinance.

“If there is an ordinance authorizing them to close the road, a road closure will be exempted.  But having no authority from the City Council or the City Government, the move is deemed illegal and can be penalized by P5,000 penalty and one-year imprisonment,” he said.

Al-ag said the SP also mulls of crafting a supplemental budget dependent on the savings of the Executive Department for the bonuses of the employees.

He said that if there are savings in the spending, the SP will craft the supplemental budget.

“We will wait for the local finance committee to decide for this matter if we have savings or not,” Al-ag.

“There will be no more sessions after December 14,” he said. (pia xi)


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