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Dear Glenn

Passion is for everyone, hustle is yours alone. That is what you’ve learned from being a photographer for the last 7 years. Anyone can pickup a camera, take photos, and venture forth and become a professional. But what really matters in the end is the courage to keep moving forward. Burnouts, financial constraints, failures, accidents, or life just happens as they say are just a few factors that blows out that fiery motivation.

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You see, passion is something that sometimes doesn’t involve money, it can be about giving back to the people. And no, don’t mix up passion from your own personal interests. Passion is continuously pursuing an elevated state of your craft, by craving for improvement rather than approval. Putting food on the table is key, but to do it altogether with the craft is commitment to the letter.

You’ve never been a social person all your life, being selective on the people that you work with and be with had its pros and cons. But hey, at least you know who the real people are. They say that no man is an island, but they often forget that continents are islands in the simplest of definitions. You see, groups can get you high spirited, but never motivated. It is always up to you to get up everyday and find that purpose. Nobody is going to do your job for you. It’s always you versus you.

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Having to experience a life of struggle each day to make ends meet, you’re not the kid born with a silver spoon, you’re the headstrong, silently working on yourself, and whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger kind of guy. I know you’re tired, and it’s okay to rest from time to time.

Remember that competition is normal, and though we get ranked as last from time to time, keep your chin up and get ready to take a beating. Life is never fair, but we can always be kind to the people around us. Different people have different purpose, wait your turn and don’t waste your chance.

Never forget why you started. It’s easy to say but difficult to remember when you’re facing the dues each day. Nevertheless, dig deep into your heart and visualize the first time you’ve held a camera.

Happy, curious, careful, and downright ready. From day 1 until now, that guy who saw photography as a means to provide for his family is still there somewhere. Keep your focus on the people, things, and purpose that matters, it is what we do and not how we were born that defines our legacy.

 People often tell you that you should always look out for number one, it may be true in most cases as we always do business to gain and never to lose. However, we remember failures more than our triumphs because of the lessons that they bring. In life, people lose.

People fail. And most of us, fail harder than others. You can’t really enjoy the sweet taste of victory when you’ve never really been defeated. Try even when you’ve failed, success is never final and failure is never fatal.

This is a reminder not only for you but for anyone who is out there with a camera, for all the kids that want to pursue photography. Commit! Don’t do anything halfheartedly, strive for excellence as a multifaceted individual. Never stop learning. Not all victories and defeats are posted on social media. Keep grinding and as you’ve always said to yourself: “In silence we hustle”.


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