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‘Democracy is not for us’

Ben Contreras .

IT’S good to know that a government agency is now investigating into various complaints raised by people who were and are directly affected. In this regard, people are urged to come forward and say their piece.

At the forefront of these all is the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (Pacc) headed by Dante Jimenez. Pacc has representatives in the region. So, any person who has grievances against any government office or agency could just approach this office or its representatives.

The President welcomes any report against the people around him. He realizes that the most dangerous people are those from within.

Let us all take advantage of this.


“Red October” is the code name for a supposed plot to oust President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (PRRD) from office. For those who have grim experiences during the Marcos regime under Martial Law rule, they accuse the military of coming out with a bogeyman.

True or not, it is evident that criticisms against PRRD have not stopped since Day 1 and in fact, it’s becoming more intense. PRRD is being accused of trying to muzzle the press, violating human rights and killing innocent drug suspects. If I may repeat, a hostile media is any President’s nightmare.

Duterte haters, real and paid, have been so free to throw garbage at him. Some would even go to international forum to file a case against the President. And yet, they cry for freedom of speech as if accusing any person without evidence is everyone’s right to freedom of speech.

Polarize the military and the police. Divide the nation if you want to. But I hope when the first shot is fired, these very same people would be there at the forefront, not the poor who are often victims to manipulation and deceit.

I have been saying it before and I will repeat it again: The only way for this nation to really change is through a bloody revolution. It is the only way for us to open our eyes and perhaps, open our hearts to the need to love our country.

Politicians, except those who are clean (mayroon ba?), have been ruling our country wrongly. Most of them are not there to serve but to enrich themselves. And indeed, many of them became filthy rich in so short a time after being elected to office.

Democracy is not for us. Democracy has not brought us the kind of life we all aspire for. More than a century of democratic way of governance has been more of a hindrance to a better way of life and governance.

PRRD will likely fail to achieve his goals. There are just too many crabs to pull him down and there has not been enough honest men and women to help him.

I saw it in newspapers–those who were appointed because they’ve been on the side of the people (kuno) in their causes and movement. But when they were rejected by the Commission on Appointments, they were back to their old ways and are now demonstrating against the PRRD regime.

Our military and police have been told by the President that if they think he is not worthy of their support, they may just say so and he will step down.

But for those behind this destabilization, don’t push your luck so far. You might get what you ask for. And may I ask this: Are you ready to die, including that of your family members (sic)?


(Editor’s note: This paper and its staff are adherents of democracy. Mr. Contreras’s views here are his alone. This paper also wishes to be clear that it rejects any suggestion of bloodshed or violence, or threats, veiled or not, empty or real, on anyone, especially innocent family members and the children, such as “Are you ready to die, including that of your family members [sic]?” That terrible, chilling, shockingly repellent, and very dangerous position is Mr. Contreras’s alone, and do not in any way reflect the stand and state of mind of staff members of this paper.)


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