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Dhassig Releases 1st Album

Local music scene is always vibrant. Cagayan de Oro is no exemption in the bustling local music scene in the country. I remember in the 90’s CdO have been creating music underground scenes and have paved way to bands who have produced their own singles and albums. Since then music in our locality experienced a wide range of appreciation, we have; reggae, heavy metal, pop, hip hop, world music and recently Christian music.

Dhassig Band, a blend of ethno music fused with western instruments playing positive messages have been around in the city for quite a time now.

The band have been playing in various malls and events and sometimes do some concerts outside Northern Mindanao. Using Indigenous instruments from the hill tribes of Northern Mindanao like kubing (Mouth Harp), Bamboo Side flute (improvised pulala), tambol (hand drum), bird flutes, clay and bamboo ocarina, kulintang, bamboo frog instruments and other ethno instruments, the band have created unique blend of sounds fused with electric guitars, bass and drums making a world music genre that gives signature Mindanaowan melodies.  

Dhassig have just recently finished recording fourteen songs are now compiled into an album titled Manlalakbay.  Songs are; Magbabaya (higaonon word for God almighty), Tunog ng Musika (a punky beat with kubing solo), Troso ( a ska melodic song), Maupiya Manama (a Manobo word which means God is good), Tama na ( a blues influenced song), Tribu ( a world music melodic song which call the tribes to stand up and unite), Tagumpay ( a rock ethno fusion music), Habang May Panahon Pa ( an alternative music with a twist).

Liwanag ( reggaeton beat with percussion drumming), Amoy Nilo ( a tribute to the great leaderof the Tigwahanon Tribe), Manlalakbay (a reggae music about travel and sharing the good news),Pag Isipan Mo (a reggae inspired alternative music),  Lihok Na ( an ethno drumming music with acoustic guitar) and Panagpala ka Mindanao ( an official song of the Uprising Mindanao which was held last October 2018 at General Santos City).

 The album which is composed of different influences of music created a harmony that is now a signature of Dhassig band. The album was recorded and produced at Bammers Studio. Dhassig is composed of drummer Jeric Acasio, lead guitarist Reignford Sacala, Vocalist Junjun Cacho, ethno percussionist David Yanez, ethno musical player Rhyan Casiño and a series of bass players who have contributed the creation of the bands album.

Manlalakbay album will have a tentative scheduled release this last week of May 2019 or June 2019. Please check the bands facebook page Dhassig Band or check their You Tube channel.

(The author is a member of the Rotary Club of West Cagayan de Oro and Chairman of Dire Husi Initiatives, Inc. recipient of the national award Ten Accomplished Youth Organization or TAYO. For comments/suggestions please send to


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