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Councilor Yan Lam Lim, president of the influential Liga ng mga Barangay in the city, announces his decision to leave the Padayon Pilipino for good during a news conference yesterday. (photo by lito rulona)

Dongkoy loses leader of city’s barangay chairpersons

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COUNCILOR Yan Lam Lim yesterday announced his decision to sever his political ties with ex-mayor Vicente Emano and leave the Padayon Pilipino for good.

It was the Padayon Pilipino that supported Lim’s bid to become the leader of the city’s association of barangay chairpersons and its representative in the city council five years ago.

Lim’s revelation came even as he announced that he would be seeking reelection as president of the influential Liga ng mga Barangay here next month with the support of Mayor Oscar Moreno.

Lim said his decision to leave Emano’s political party came after he was prodded by “majority” of the city’s 80 barangay chairpersons to become an ally of the Moreno administration. He said those who have been asking him to join Moreno’s group come from the city’s urban and rural barangays.

Lim said his decision was finalized following a meeting with Moreno and Rep. Rolando Uy of the city’s 1st District last week.

He said he informed Emano about his decision. The ex-mayor, he said, just kept silent — and did not say anything — as he was telling him about his decision.

Meanwhile, Moreno’s group welcomed Lim even as they hailed the councilor’s decision to leave the Padayon Pilipino.

Moreno called the move as Lim’s declaration of “independence” from the “political domination” of former mayor Emano.

He said Lim would be his candidate for the presidency of the Liga ng mga Barangay.

“I welcome him as a member of the group,” the mayor said.

Vice Mayor Joaquin Raineir Uy hailed Lim’s decision.

“Let’s count Councilor Lim’s votes sa city council. Dili na unta abstain,” Vice Masyor Uy said.

Moreno credited Rep. Uy for being instrumental in Lim’s decision to join the administration party. He said Uy served as the “bridge.”

Moreno said his group would have fielded Uy’s wife Lorna, Carmen’s barangay chairperson, as its bet for the Liga presidency next month until Lim made the decision to join the administration party.

The Uy family, including Lorna, opted to yield to Lim. Another reason, he said, is because the Uy family didn’t want the political dynasty image.

“Although gi-ingnan ko sila nga dili man na  ‘dynasty’ kay this is not a dominating position pero they decided to give way to Councilor Lim,” Moreno said.

Lim said, “When I was reelected as barangay chairman, personally, gusto nako mouban sa present administration aron katabangan nako ang mga bag-ong kapitan, apil ang daan. Nagpaabot ako og ayuda gikan sa local and national.”

He said he also wanted to receive guidance from Moreno and Rep. Uy.

“I have been serving as [Liga ng mga Barangay] president for five years now. There is a need for the barangay chairmen and the present administration to support each other for the development of the barangays,” he said. “Usa ra usab akong tuyo to join but kinahanglan motabang sa tanan aron duna na’y unity.”

Lim, also the chairman of Barangay 40, said he has nothing against former mayor Emano and his decision was not personal.

He said he had to do it because he was seeking reelection and in order to help the city’s barangay chairpersons.

“Let us be frank and honest. Tanan ayuda gikan sa local and national pass on and released through city hall. Wala kita’y mahimo busa mo-uban na kita kanila. Unity is for everybody,” he said.


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