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Dongkoy’s death preludes Padayon’s landslide victory

Padayon Pilipino .

THE untimely demise of former Misamis Oriental governor and former Cagayan de Oro mayor Vicente “Dongkoy” Emano, Northern Mindanao’s political icon, fueled the spirit of the Padayon Pilipino supporters to ensure the continuity of the the party’s resolve to serve the people.

Even as Padayon Pilipino and its supporters in the region, especially in Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro, mourn the passing of the region’s revered political leader, the legacy of Dongkoy Emano inspires the political party to surmount the political challenges ahead.

Incumbent Gov. Yevgeny Vincente “Bambi” Emano, the next in line in the Padayon Pilipino leadership, appealed to all supporters in Misamis Oriental to rally together in deference to the passing of the great leader.

“As supporters and leaders, we are called to unite to enable us to carry out the aspiration of the late Dongkoy Emano. Let us work together for the common good,” the teary eyed Bambi earnestly asked the supporters. He believes that in the coming May 13, 2019 elections, the Padayon Pilipino party will experience a repeat of the landslide victory that his father Dongkoy attained 21 years ago (in 1998) when the Padayon Pilipino candidates made a clean sweep in the local elections.

Unfortunately, the younger Emano said he is deprived of the gift to be able to move the hands of time to enable Dongkoy to witness history repeating itself when Padayon Pilipino will endeavor to achieve a clean sweep come May 13, 2019 elections.

“My father is no longer around to witness the victory of Padayon Pilipino candidates but I am certain that wherever he is, he would be happy about the party’s massive victory,” the younger Emano added. He also explained that with a solid platform of government compared to the political rivals who offered nothing, but mudslinging and personal attacks, the people will definitely support the Padayon Pilipino candidates.

The younger Emano, as heir to the Padayon Pilipino leadership, promises to continue the unfinished agenda of his father of being of service to more people.

“I appeal to the people of Misamis Oriental to support the Padayon Pilipino candidates for them to be able to continue effective and efficient service to the people in the province, something that the late Dongkoy Emano started,” Emano went on to say.

PaDayon Pilipino candidates in Misamis Oriental are: Governor: #1 Emano, Yevgeny Vincente, Vice  Govenor: #1 Elipe, President “Prexy”

1st District: Congressman: #4 Unabia, Christian

Board Members: #3 Dumadag, Bebing; #5 Khu, Erik; #7 Militante, Win; #9 Pelaez, Enteng; and #11 Uyguangco, Ken.

2nd District: Congressman: #2 Benaldo, Benjo #1 Acain, Panky; #3 Emano, Saysay; #4 Madjos, Nancy; #9 Sabal, Boboy; and  #11 Yasay, Dexter.

In Cagayan de Oro City, the coalition Padayon Pilipino-Centrist Democratic Party candidates are: City Mayor: #3 La Viña, Pompee Vice Mayor: #1 Emano, Vicente

1st District: Congressman: #1 Acenas, Caesar Ian

Councilors: #2 Abbu, Jose Pepe; #3 Acenas, Ronald; #4 Bacal, Alden; #6 Barba, Adrian; #18 Legaspi, Al Sr.; #21 Navarro, Meneleo; #23 Pajo, Dante; #27 Suan, Lordan.

2nd District: Congressman: #2 Rodriguez, Rufus

Councilors: #1 Acenas, Jun; #6 Dacer, Alexander; #10 Gan, Leon; #11 Gumahad, Adonis; #12 Judith, James; #18 Roa, Nanette; #19 Rodriguez, Bebot; #21 Tabor, Ramon.

(Loui Maliza is a staff member at the capitol press office.)


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