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Dry and wet

Netnet Camomot .

THE last time I checked the calendar, it’s not summer yet. Still, there was a blackout again on Friday the 13th here in our corner of the village. It lasted for a few minutes, so, no big deal, ho-hum. I didn’t ask anymore if the other phases had light because, well, para que? It would be a bummer to learn they have light like what happened on Wednesday night.

Wednesday night was understandable—all that wind and rain in a developing country would surely result to a blackout. But on Friday morning when there was neither wind nor rain, what’s the excuse this time? Add to that the fact that “I still haven’t found/What I’m looking for”—the power bank, that is.

Besides, even if you ask for the cause behind a blackout, the query won’t exactly awaken the light, so, might as well work on something that doesn’t need electricity.

Landlords of farms are advised to give television sets to their caretakers, provided electricity has already reached their area. Why a TV set? To lessen the time for the caretakers to make babies.

For couples living in the city, the advice is to not have a TV set in their bedroom, in order to have more time to go forth and multiply.

So, TV for farm couples, no TV for city couples. Confusing! Ano ba talaga, Kuya?

There are people who may need the help of technology to enhance the fun when they go forth and multiply. Thus, a blackout’s perks depend on how a couple makes use of the darkness. Ooh la la.

But if your love life is zero, and the bedroom has no TV because you’d rather read a book, there’s a hundred-percent probability that your chances to go forth and multiply will be absolutely zero. By the way, the zero love life still needs light for reading a book in the evenings. Yup, bookworm problems.

Nature is better savored with natural light—you can’t see the moon and the stars clearly when there’s artificial light.

The Pinoy of a certain generation used to play patintero right there on the highway, with only the moon reflecting light. Those were the days. Now, his children panic when there’s no Wi-Fi on the island where the family is supposed to have quality time with each other.

Even friends having dinner together are all looking at their phones, seemingly unable to appreciate each other’s presence at the moment (ATM) as they’re busy posting their ATM photos on Facebook.

Posting those ATM photos, complete with the exact location, is one way to inform people with masamang pagnanasa about where you are right now. Better leave that venue ASAP before the pagnanasa morphs into a nightmare.

Those with masamang pagnanasa now have many choices on how to level up their wishes to reality, thanks to technology. The Pinoy imprisoned in, say, 1991 and recently freed through the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) law may feel out of place in the outside world, that is, if he followed the rules while in prison. But if he was allowed to use the latest gadgets and also to visit his family outside of prison, then, the change he’s experiencing now is not as abrupt as that of the convict who was never given any perks. Hmmm. Supposedly, reportedly, allegedly.

But then, his freedom is now short and sweet since President Rody Duterte ordered heinous crime convicts freed through the GCTA law to surrender. Ouch. Yes to Return to Sender. No to No Return, No Exchange. “The trouble with hello is goodbye.”

Like any other major controversy in Pinas, the GCTA law and its implementation are now having their share of the limelight, with the Senate listening to bigwigs of the Bureau of Corrections (Bucor) and the New Bilibid Prison revealing hopefully the truth and nothing but the truth.

A Philippine Daily Inquirer piece on the GCTA’s Senate hearings mentions prison perks such as “payoffs for hospital passes and good conduct time allowances”; “allowing prisoners to bring in women, run a 25-hour gambling operation and smuggle contraband under the cover of a construction project”; “kidnapping the girlfriends of high-profile prisoners for ransom of as much as P200,000”; “women, or tilapia in prison lingo, will cost an inmate P30,000 a night”; “cellphones are sold by Bucor employees to the inmates”; ad infinitum; ad nauseam.

But aren’t these old news already? Parang kailan lang when the same revelations were said at another set of Senate hearings in the past.

Yup, such reveals are like the dry and wet seasons in Pinas—gabalikbalik lang.

And then, after the hearings, where do they go from there?


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