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Duterte endorses Alam anew

Team OKKA .

THE camp of Councilor Alam Lim, candidate for congressman in the second district, has officially released on Facebook a video endorsement by President Duterte of the Liga ng mga Barangay president.

The one-minute,26-second video shows the President endorsing Lim whom he described as a friends and accessible to the masses. ( 312647802737326&id=252681938920702)

After a week, it has gained around 60,000 views and thousands of reaction.

This is the fourth time the President endorsed Lim. The first was at the sidelines of the State Banquet in honor of the visiting president of Sri Lanka on Jan. 16, the second one at a meeting with barangay chairpersons at a local restaurant on Jan. 26. The 3rd was in a phone call of the President to Mayor Oscar S. Moreno in a rally at Barangay 40 where the president endorsed Lim and 2nd district city council candidate Girlie Balaba.

The 4th endorsement means a lot to Lim and his supporters as it showed the President’s inwavering support to Alam Lim, going into the final stretch of the campaign.

Alam Lim is a leader who listens and finds solutions. As a barangay chairman, the only one in the history of Cagayan de Oro to be elected twice as Liga ng mga Barangay president, his closeness to the grassroots communities comes natural.

Since he filed his certificate of candidacy in October 2018, he had attended over 500 pulongs and met with over 30,000 people.

His campaign summed the results of his listening campaign to the identification of the top issues and concerns of the people of Cagayan de Oro, which are traffic, flooding, drugs, garbage, poverty, criminality, inflation/high prices of commodities, lack of jobs/livelihood, water problem.

Lim’s legislative agenda is responsive of these issues. As a quick response to problem of poverty and lack of livelihood and garbage, he has facilitated the release from the Department of Agriculture 50 heads of cattle for dispersal in the upland barangays of the 2nd district, 90 fishing boats for the coastal barangays and six waste biodigesters for the urban barangays. He has been called Ang Lider Andam Maminaw/Mualagad.

His connection with the President would greatly factor in bringing on mega infra projects to address the problems of traffic and flooding.

On the drugs problem, Lim lead barangays in implementong community based drug rehab. This is instrumental in the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council winning the silver award in 2018 and as benchmark city of the Dangerous Drugs Board.

P.S. As the elections draw near and the objective of a clean sweep for Team OKKA, Alam Lim has been subjected to systematic vilification campaign. If the other is indeed confident with their survey figures, why vilify Lim? They must have known that Alam is the candidate to beat in the 2nd District’s congrssional race.

(Omar Labuntog is a former barangay chairman of Lapasan. He is actively involved in Councilor Alam Lim’s campaign.)


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