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Experience Novelty of Love With Twinespake

Despite that women are very complicated creatures, every woman deserves to be delighted by flowers regardless of the fact that they easily die; Flowers can make them feel special. You don’t need to wait for any special occasion to do it.  Spoiling her with a fresh bouquet of blooms can boost your women’s happiness and encourage intimate relationship. With that, Twinespake  has you covered.


Twinespake offers premium flowers with style and content. Purchase comes with a free personalized poem and free delivery. They can help your flowers sparks the memory of you when you give it to your special someone.

The idea unexpectedly started when Jennica Rose Madela , the owner of Twinespake received a bouquet sometime and realized that she could do something about it rather than simply undoing the stuff (which she feel lazy and taxing to do so) before she could have the flowers displayed.

She dreamed of receiving love letters too but was typically confronted with the thought that most men are not into expressing themselves too much. So she came up with an idea of why not have both. Why not have the flowers display ready, paired with love letters any man would be confident to purchase.









“Me and RK have come to love books relative to human behavior, which inspired us to come up with this business. We hope that through the Twinespake brand, the giving of flowers, that expressive side, becomes a norm any man would be proud to give and show. I hope thru this venture, I get to inspire and remind my two sisters their worth and value just like how every woman should be,” Jennica said.

Some may seem flowers are unproductive, but women like looking at the flowers on their bedside table, or on their work desk or in the living room. They can actually spend a minute admiring them and smelling their fragrance.

For Jennica flowers are special, its presence alone exudes more than just positive energy, but that sense of belongingness.  She always believes flowers possess such. The fact that you can either eat or use the flowers added more sensibility in its presence. But to her, flowers really are the perfect tangible messengers of love and affection.

For her, Twinespake is more than just flowers, more than just an online flower boutique. Apart from the premium flowers they offer, Florence, sunflowers, Ecuadorian roses and a lot more.

Their team aims to encapsulate that endearing feeling through literary and visual arts. Which means to say, every time you purchase or own Twinespake Flowers, you don’t just have dozens or bunches of roses, it goes along with a free Personalized poem according to what you or your sender wishes to tell you and each message card is also delicately crafted thru Calligraphy and Water Color Painting by Reah Kris Tradio. Their Timeless Collection will soon to be launch this December 1st.

It isn’t all about flowers, for all the time, but mostly it is about the attention you are giving to your girl. Whether the girls like it or not but they love to be pampered for most of the time. When they receive flower gifts, they feel they are important and they know someone loves them.


Never let your sparkle dull and let love take you through. Have a flower full day!


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