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Fairy Tales Do Come True

Kor & Ken’s Enchanting Wedding
by Maia Fortich-Poblete

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” – Albert Einstein

Prince Ken and Princess Kor

For Kor Evangelista Garces, intelligence was not the only thing that fairy tales gave her. Her love for Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, and all the fairy tale princesses and princes led to the realization of a beautiful vision – her wedding.

Kor and Ken and their storybook. This book has some “codes” that guests decoded while the couple had their post nuptial photos taken. Guests also enjoyed other fun games like vintage key hunting.

You may have heard of Kor and her husband Ken when you chanced upon an episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho last year. The show featured the story of how they slowly built their dream house together – practically from scratch. Kor’s honesty in sharing their story, which she first posted on Facebook, inspired a lot of people, especially Kagay-anons.

That was almost a year ago. This year, the couple started another beautiful story.

Last May 05, Kor and Ken again started making waves online when photos and posts about their fairy tale-themed wedding in Mountain Pines Place, Dahilayan, Bukidnon became viral. I first saw the photos from one of my friends – who is a cousin of Kor – and my initial reaction was, “Whoa! Awesome!”. It’s something we do not see a lot of nowadays; and it is probably the only wedding of its kind in this part of Northern Mindanao.

Kor and Ken chose Mountain Pines in Dahilayan as their venue because it had the quiet, enchanting vibe they wanted. Theirs was only the 2nd wedding the venue hosted.

According to Kor, they started planning for their “Happily Ever After in the Enchanting Woods” in August of 2018, a month after Ken proposed to her on their 4th year anniversary. “I wanted something different because it’s my wedding, and I want it to be really memorable,” Kor said when I asked what made them choose the fairy tale theme. “Initially, we wanted a Game of Thrones theme because we’re both big fans of the show. But when we saw a Game of Thrones-themed wedding featured on Bride and Breakfast, we decided to look for another one.” 

Kor and Ken’s unique invitation

After thinking through several options, Kor and Ken finally chose to go with a fairy tale theme. “Who doesn’t love fairy tales? I love fairy tales! And I am lucky to have a husband who loves what I love. He gave his all out support and helped me every step of the way.” It wasn’t an easy adventure, according to Kor, but she enjoyed everything. She likes to be hands-on on all the details, so she took care of looking for the sources of all the stuff she needed – from the invitation materials, to the giveaways, and even the gowns and suits of the entourage.

If you’ve seen the photos, you might think that Kor and Ken spent a fortune for their fairy tale wedding. They did not. Kor worked on a lot of the details, so she was able to choose the most practical options and therefore saved on most of the expenses. For example, while most giveaways would cost a total of more than a thousand, she spent only Php1,000 for 100 pieces of vintage keys. Kor also found a good deal for the men’s three-piece suits – more or less Php3,500 including the pants. That’s a bargain already considering that the design has intricate details. For Kor, it’s about knowing what you want and what you can afford. It’s also about time – devoting time to finding the best deals, the best choices.

Kor and Ken’s unique invitation

Kor and Ken hired a coordinator, a stylist, and the best suppliers in CDO, but they did a lot of the work themselves. She made sure she took care of the most important details herself – she knew what she wanted and how to execute the “enchanting and whimsical” details she envisioned. This is what helped them realize their dream wedding without having to spend millions.

Kor and Ken had vintage keys as giveaways for their guests. They spent only Php1,000 for 100 keys.

 Here are some of the details of Kor and Ken’s fairy tale-themed wedding. Prepare to be mesmerized.

Kor and Ken’s enchanting wedding, just like their dream house, is an inspiration for couples who want the most important day of their lives to be special and unique. It is proof that if you do everything with passion and hard work, you’ll get what you want – no matter how far-fetched it looks at first. It is also proof that “marriage is not a fairy tale, but weddings can be” (Kor’s own words).

The flower girl, a.k.a. Little Pink Riding Hood

Congratulations, Kor and Ken! Enjoy your happily ever after!

(Photos from Kor’s Facebook page. Used with permission. Photos by Ed Millard.)


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