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Far from ice

Netnet Camomot .

THANK God for the Fourth of July—the US’ Independence Day—for giving me another chance to declare my independence from Facebook.

On that day, I posted a video featuring photos of Lihuk Movement 2019’s “Pag-ila” forum for Cagayan de Oro’s city councilor candidates and I decided, that’s it. No more posts after that.

I saw that video while checking out my phone’s photo album and realized it had been three months, some of these candidates won, the others lost, and life had moved on. The winners have been working as city councilors since July 1, the losers have their own careers to return to, so, they’re all fine, thank you.

That’s the video that the phone automatically creates out of a day’s photos. I wanted to include more photos and rearrange their sequence but I didn’t know how—no thanks to a phone that’s smarter than my minute brain.

But then, despite that revived resolve to stop posting on FB, there I was again, posting after July 4. Oh, well.

This is much like the resolve to resume buying books only after I’ve read all the books that have been gathering dust in this room with a view. But while waiting for a block screening of “Spider-Man: Far From Home” to start, I found myself gravitating towards a book store again for more books to read pa more.

I’m not sure if I had written about this before, that the Japanese word for my hard habit to break is tsundoku, which is described as buying books and not reading them.

I wonder if there’s a Japanese word for buying clothes and not wearing them. At least, I don’t need a Japanese word for buying food and not eating them.

In order to avoid tsundoku, I need to lessen my FB usage, and read books instead. So, wish me luck, because I was still constantly checking out FB while writing this column.

The first thing I asked the block screening’s hosts upon arriving at the cinema’s entrance was, Naay snacks? Their answer was a resounding yes. Yay! Otherwise I had to join the kilometric line at the popcorn place.

The latest “Spider-Man” movie was filmed in places that could be familiar to the tourist who was also far from home once upon a time.

US President Donald Trump is one who’s also often far from home but that depends on what he now considers as home. Still, wherever his present home is, his job requires a lot of travel not only in the US but also to other countries such as North Korea where he made history as the “first sitting U.S. president to set foot on North Korean soil,” as reported by CBS News.

Presidents have to visit other countries to express their world-peace efforts. I gotta feeling, though, that President Rody Duterte won’t be visiting Iceland in the near future. If you’re asking why, here’s ABS-CBN’s news on that: “Iceland filed a resolution before the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) that sought a thorough review of the Philippines’ human rights situation, which includes allegations of extrajudicial killings from Duterte’s drug war.”

The resolution and its adoption prompted the president to say, “Iceland surprises me. It’s always been a country complaining of extrajudicial killing and for a country who does not have a night, it’s always like 4 o’clock in the afternoon all day long, wala silang problema. Kung mauhaw ang tao, maraming ice, so they don’t have a water problem. As far as their streets, it’s safe because wala silang full night na darkness.” Hmmm. Is that Geography or Geology 101?

By the way, ice is another word for shabu or meth.

Meanwhile, ICE was also in the news in the US, but that’s the Immigration and Customs Enforcement that conducted deportation raids two weekends ago. The arrests of illegal immigrants were deemed as “very successful” by Trump.

As for Cagayan de Oro Mayor Oscar Moreno and Misamis Oriental Gov. Bambi Emano, they were as cold as ice towards each other while attending the launching of the Public Utility Vehicles Modernization Program last week.

As for the weather and your sore throat, avoid ice and ice-cold drinks.

As for FB, I don’t know if my relationship with it will ever turn as cold as ice.


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