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Feeling lang

Netnet Camomot

THERE are days when you’re so tired, your eyes will sleep, ignoring the rest of the body’s plea to please be awake. Or is it the body telling the eyes to sleep already?

That’s what happens when you wake up at, say, 6 am. The body will warn you once it has had enough of a busy day, and if you ignore it, you’ll have headaches, and your muscles would want to be stretched from Aparri to Jolo.

It’s almost campaign season, with some candidates already campaigning anyway even if the official start has not been declared yet. But the greatest news, however, in the Philippine arena of conspiracy theories, is this: the Davao City mayor has finally said yes to the call of the wild. The wilderness of Malacanang, that is. Many voters celebrated this latest development, assuring him of many votes especially from Mindanao, but will that translate to a nationwide victory? Hmmm. Abangan.

No matter what politicians and their wannabe versions are saying about clean elections and fairness in the political fun run, many Pinoys who are already inside that political arena will always claim that politics is a money-making machinery, with or without the yellow president’s mantra for his preference for the tuwid na daan.

Pinoys love to join that fun run because of the money–millions and billions of pesos and dollars waiting for the winners at the end of tunnel. The light at the end of that tunnel is not the pearly gates of heaven but the blinding rays emanating from the gold bars that will be at their disposal once these candidates have won the confidence of Pinoy voters who are convinced that they have voted for the trustworthy and the honest.

Trust and honesty daw o. If the voters only knew. Bwahahaha!

Almost all politicians are corrupt. Almost lang ha, not all. Therefore, if you’re reacting now like as if I’m referring to you, it means you gotta feeling you belong to the “almost all.” Feeling lang.

The honest politician is as extinct as a dinosaur. But how many times do we have to repeat this thought about their rarity and extinction? Still, it’s good to focus on the rare and extinct, even the Jurassic series of movies have recently released “Jurassic World,” proving that the madlang pehpohl love to reminisce on the good old days when life was simple and the only thing you had to avoid was the dinosaur that saw you as food.

Nowadays, there’s a lot to avoid–the corrupt politician, the dishonest politician, the untrustworthy politician, and their minions who have adopted their bosses’ character like as if they were born with it.

Or like as if it’s the most natural thing in this oh so cruel world–to steal from the national and local treasuries, to flaunt their newly found power and treasures, with their kids and grandkids also adopting their parents’ and grandparents’ aura. It’s disgusting. Wait, what’s the word? Yucky, yikes, ugh, aargh, WTF, the way these people now behave, kagana ba gyud sagpaon para makamata: Hoy, that’s people’s money you’re using! Konting respeto naman for us, the taxpayer!

Easy money is easy to spend, by the way. Not even laway ray puhunan for the grafting and corrupting? Sarap ng buhay. Yay.

But there’s laway, though, as puhunan since you need to convince others to give you money or at least share some of the loot with you. That’s why there are politicians whose bawal-mag-share mantra has made them lose the confidence of their minions who of course would love to have their share, for that’s their main purpose in joining politics–to be rich and powerful, with their houses expanding as the pile of money increases to infinity and beyond.

It’s a sin to steal. But tell that to the corrupt and they will look at you like, Gikan ka nag-spiritual retreat?

The bath soap TV commercial has it right: “Ako ang iyong konsensya.” Hopefully that still works in reminding people to keep their hands off the local and national treasuries.


About Netnet Camomot

Netnet Camomot once edited a society page and covered society stories for another newspaper. She has long been writing about the lighter side of anything under the sun, including pressing issues of the day, with a touch of humor.

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