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Forever Exist!

By Dave Achondo

Love is a very sweet word that represent what we would want… what we aspire for a relation to be and a foundation of which relationships are built. ‘Forever’ represents what we know is not possible in the real world; but if it was possible, forever, would be the way we would like those special things to be. If you care to keep this thought in mind; forever which truly exist only in the “moments” or in the present. Then we create our own versions of “forever” from there.

Everyone will agree with me that all we know is our Present; we have no clue of what tomorrow will bring. We should make the best out of it, because sometimes when minding so much about the future and the “FOREVER”, we miss the moments, the reality, the “right here, right now” and in some way we lose precious moments of our life, waiting for something we cannot control.

Forever does exist for people who deserve it and believe in it. It’s like God we can’t see Him nor hear Him but we believe he is there. Forever can be another sweet word that defines love, but it holds its meaning with the fact that not everyone can understand or agree with. To tell you honestly sometimes I fear ‘FOREVER’ but other times I look forward to it, imagining settling down one day and not go into too much trouble anymore in looking or waiting for a potential wife to spend the rest of my life with. For me she is my forever, at least that’s how I see it.

Forever actually is a touchy subject that not everyone has a definitive answer for. I myself actually doubt there is even forever in Love, especially when you get your heart broken in two, and if you view it realistically, forever in the real world does not exist, but people like me remain optimistic and believe in it, because it’s worth believing in just like God. It’s something that can’t be seen nor heard but you know it exist, we see it every day in our parents, grandparents someone else’s parents, but some simply refuse to believe in it, because there forever ended for them when their hearts were broken by someone. Just an advice my friend; “you’ll have to kiss plenty of frogs before you get your prince charming”.

That eternal love /Forever; exist with people who deserves it, words such as “I love you forever” are hard to keep, even I have my fair share of this, but still hearing it from someone you love blurt these sweet words, magically lifts you up and places you in a cloud 9 and when it’s coming from the person you gave your heart to without any doubts, that’s even better (That’s your forever right there, during those moments that you wish that would never end) and for me those simple words hold the very basis of forever that we are striving to attain words that are felt from within and heard from the heart.

Unfortunately, not all of them will experience the forever they keep on saying to the ones they’re calling baby, babes, honey, sweetheart, and etc. Forever only exist in the present; because I believe it only represents the “Feeling” a sense of conclusion that you come into realization with yourself, when you’re with the one you love most, and that feeling I am talking about is what makes it seem as if your love is forever and eternal and that at the moment you take your last breath, that forever continues on to the next life…

We must not follow what others experience with love, we should make our own, take a chance at something far greater, and we cannot learn from their mistakes, it’s best if we learn it first-hand. We have no clue how their relationships ended or what caused it but we must believe that someone is out there for us, a soul mate our forever. We must walk our own path search for that forever, the same forever as what yours or others parents have, it may not be perfect, but still it is real and everlasting.

The feeling of having forever is literally hard to explain, cause I still haven’t found mine yet, but maybe the feeling can be in comparison to the following; it outlasts all the problems of life, transcends from troubles we face every day and it goes on when our life comes to an end.

I Believe forever exist in everyone’s heart that learned to love another unconditionally. We make our own versions of forever and no one else whether we find it in another or we found it with God and in the end that’s what makes “Forever” worth having and believing in. So stay positive that it will happen keep an open mind and never stop believing that forever truly exist.






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