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GCash leads in building its digital fiscal services

GCash, operated by Globe Fintech Innovations Inc. (Mynt), has taken a bolder step to bring its digital financial services closer to more Filipinos, aiming to marry the Filipino’s tech-savvy lifestyle and the growing need for financial inclusion.

As a leading architect of the future, GCash strives to brings its brand of service to everyone in the country. The telco-agnostic app leads in the digital realm, as it continues to enable more Filipinos to participate in the digital economy.

GCash has made financial technology (fintech) services readily available for over more than 20 million Filipinos so far, and it continues to do so even for Smart, Sun, and TNT subscribers.

“Increasing enablement by adopting a telco agnostic strategy allows us to bring finance to all. By providing quality service via our breakthrough technology and adapting to the changing consumer behavior, we are helping more and more Filipinos to have access to digital finance that were previously not available to them,” Mynt President Anthony Thomas said.

Smart, Sun, and TNT subscribers have been enjoying the benefits of the GCash platform since late 2018, affording them access to a variety of digital finance tools including pioneering digital payments, remittances, credit, investments, and insurance, among many others.

The hassle and worry-free financial experience is available for all, regardless of their mobile networks.

“It’s not just about being able to provide an efficient experience with the GCash app, it’s about what we’re building. We have built an easy-to-navigate and reliable platform that is open for all, and we continue to innovate to provide more financial services especially to the unbanked and underbanked Filipinos,” Thomas said.

The GCash app democratizes the banking experience, as users nationwide can open savings accounts, not needing to worry about the numerous papers and arduous process often required by formal banks. GCash also continues to make life easier for the Filipino by enabling bills payment with just a swipe on their mobile phones.

Another first in the country, the app has even partnered with local government units to introduce a cashless payment system for barangay fees, including expenses for local permits and certificates, IDs and clearances, with just a scan of their QR codes using the GCash app.

With more than half of the country’s population owning a smartphone, and only 31 percent maintaining a formal bank account, GCash seeks to synthesize the Filipino’s tech-savvy culture and the need for financial services.  (PR)


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