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‘Gi-uli ang sukli’

Egay Uy .

ONE Wednesday before Holy Week, my wife Juliet and I went to the Gaisano mall supermarket to buy a few grocery items. At the cashier manned by one whose name I was later told was Ms. Amina Econar, we paid for the groceries.

The cash register showed the total amount was more than P1,600 so I took what I thought were two P500 bills, and added one P100 bill and one P20 bill.  The P500 bills were folded.

After receiving the change in coins, Juliet and I proceeded to exit the mall with our grocery items in tow. While we were proceeding to exit, near the escalator, we heard somebody call. It as Ms. Econar’s packer whose ID card showed his name was Ryan P. Racal.

Ryan handed to me a P500 bill, saying I gave the cashier three P500 bills, not two. I asked if he was sure it was mine and he was positive. I thought he might have been sure because we waited for a while at the cashier when the customer before us was a little mad due to what she said was a delay in verifying the price of one of the items she was buying.

After that customer left, I kidded, “Basin sa lain grocery pa nimo gi-verify and presyo” to which Ryan replied, “Lisud pud kaayo ug dali-dalion, Sir, kay kung masayop mi makabayad baya mi.” Well, that would be another story to tell.

Back to the story. I did not lose P500 at that time because of the honest act of Ms. Econar and Mr. Racal of Gaisano Mall supermarket. Their honesty is worthy of emulation by others.

I am sure there are more honest people like them around us whose acts of honesty should be publicized if only to encourage emulation by some others.

Thank you for your honesty, Ms. Econar and Mr. Racal.  I hope the Gaisano management will take note of your good deed. Aside from their honesty, I observed the two to be enjoying their job and while at it, they wore a smile attending to shoppers.

Then I thought, “Maayo ni kay gi-uli ang sobra nga nabayad.”


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