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Goodbye alkansya, hello apps! 

Have you ever wanted to save your money but you simply don’t know how to begin and where to keep your hard-earned moolah? Have you ever started saving using an alkansya or even opening a bank account but ayayay, things fell through the cracks and you end up getting frustrated? Fret not! You can actually say bye bye to your bamboo alkansya or trusty ceramic piggy bank or plastic can (which I’m sure you bought from a bookstore and has your favorite Disney character on the label, right? Right?) and say hello to technology.

There are now ways for you to save money with the help of apps and websites. Let me share with you 3 of my favorite methods.

  1. Qapital (available for both iOS and Android). This nifty, FREE app helps you save for the things you want just by doing the things you do and by keeping you inspired and motivated. When you use Qapital, you indicate a real-life goal so you can stay on track. For instance, you want to save Php 20,000 for your trip to Batanes. Little by little, as you save, you can see your progress in achieving that goal. What I also love about this app is that you can set what I call “gentle rules.” Instead of buying that fancy frap drink, for instance, buy a lesser priced but still delicious drink and add the amount that you saved to your goal. Trust me, it’s pretty cool when you see that you’re already about to achieve a goal and you realize that you didn’t really deprive yourself too much.
  1. Ask your bank to set up an automatic debit scheme for you and store the money in a separate account. I’m a long-time Bank of the Philippine Islands client. Years ago, I asked them if they could set up a “secret” account for me. Every month, they automatically deduct a fixed amount and place that in the “secret” account. This method really works because not too long ago, I casually asked for an update on the balance because I wanted to treat my family to an overseas trip. Lo and behold, the balance was already apparently 5x more than I expected it to be! Needless to say, my family and I had a great trip.
  1. Mint (signing up is FREE). Through this website, you can manage your budgets and see your bills and money together (so you can keep track of when a certain bill is due and if you have enough money to cover it). This is a great way for you to know exactly how much savings you have at a certain time (so you won’t be tempted to spend more than you actually have).

There you go. There are a lot of other apps and websites out there but I’ve tried and tested these 3. Let me know if these have helped you, too! 

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Til next ish! Safe travels, everybody!


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