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Group rallies for peace in Oro, calls on govt to catch bombers

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A MULTISECTORAL group on Saturday called on the Duterte administration to do everything it can to make sure that those behind the bombings of a Catholic church in Jolo, Sulu and a mosque in Zamboanga are brought to justice.

CANDLES FOR PEACE. A multisectoral group that included local officials light candles as they take part in the “Prayer Rally for Peace” in Divisoria here on Saturday. (photo by Joey Nacalaban)

The call came even as Cagayan de Oro Archbishop Antonio Ledesma told people who attended the “Interfaith Prayer Rally for Peace” in Divisoria here that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) was convinced that the bombings that started two Sundays ago were due to the Bangsamoro Organic Law. He said it was political in nature, and not religious.

The rally at Kiosko Kagawasan in Divisoria was organized by religious leaders, including imams, Balay Mindanao, National Commission on Muslim Filipinos, police, military, and a number of government offices.

National Commission of Muslim Filipinos’ Alic Mohamad said the attacks were a malicious intent to undermine and strain the Muslim and Christian relations, and the act “will not break the spirit of the long-standing relationship between the Muslims and Christians who have lived in peaceful co-existence.”

He added: “We belong to one race and one nation, and no form of any disruption, evil and violent act or plan whether it be political, religious or social, and cultural belief shall divide our unity and aspirations to peacefully co-exist.”

Msgr. Elmer Abacahin, Alubijid town’s parish priest, said the interfaith prayer rally was organized to amplify the call for peace in Mindanao.

“Sa Bible, 429 times nga gisangpit ang kalinaw. Mao na nga ang kalinaw gisugo diay sa bala-ang kasulatan,” Abacahin said.


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