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Halloween at Wine Up

What did you do last Halloween? At home, hiding from the goals and creepy crawlers that roamed the city or watching horror flicks on NetFlix. Well, I, on the other hand, spent it with friends at Wine Up a local wine and beer pub in the city during its hallows eve event dubbed the “Black-out Party”.

The said event cost only P150 and came with a free Heineken beer it also allowed you to join the Halloween costume contest. Party-goers came prepared in their most scary outfits from the wackiest from gothic brides, Dora the Explorer, the Joker, skeletons, playboy bunnies, sexy military outfits among others.

I did not wear any costume that night until one of the owners came over and offered me a free face paint courtesy of Wine up. At first, my reaction was “Let’s Do This” half-way the makeup I looked like a psychopath who played with mom’s lipstick (hehehe…), and I ended up with something straight out from “Tales from the Creep”, but not in a scary way — Nonetheless, it was still creepy and funny to look at.

If there was ever a great time to look and be silly, it would be this time of the year as Halloween comes only once every year. Everyone was having fun, and so was I (even with a weird “semi-French/Samoan/half-baked Joker” inspired face – Hehehe…). I didn’t get to win the costume contest but still congratulations to the winner Jhapp Geraldizo Koh who scared us all with her Gothic Bride inspired outfit.

Overall the night was festive thanks to DJ Gelo Obrero playing old-school beats from early 2000 to present, meanwhile vlogger Ton Escol lead the dance floor with other party-goers and dance the night away.

Aside from beers Wine Up also offered a versatile list of wine and liquors to choose from as well as appetizers, and beside it was Coffee Island, acafe that offers delicious snacks, meals, and coffee. Expect more to come from Wine Up and follow them on Facebook. Especial thanks to The Explorers Channel for the photos.


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