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Impossible. Incredible. Awesome.

Netnet Camomot .

THE Commission on Elections (Comelec) has started its “Operation Baklas” to remove campaign posters from non-designated areas.

The Philippine National Police and the Department of Public Works and Highways help Comelec in removing illegal campaign posters and this task can be dangerous to their health as what happened to election officer Teddy Mariano of Camiling, Tarlac who was slapped by Marty Toralba, a candidate for board member. I gotta feeling Toralba became bored, thus, the slapping incident? Hmmm.

Still, this proves that the political candidate has continued to believe in the impact of a campaign poster—the more visible it is, the better. That’s in addition to debates, candidates’ fora, campaign sorties and rallies, social media, trolls, house-to-house visits, handshaking, kissing babies and grandmas, sound bites that end up in the evening news, television ads, print ads, the endorsement of President Rody Duterte, the support of showbiz celebrities, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

Exposure must be the key to success in the polls unless that exposure is the kind that Jim Paredes recently indulged in, which prompted Duterte to comment, “Hala kaliit.” So, he has seen the video. Oh, my.

“Sorry, I don’t smoke” is the appropriate reaction to men with small “gadgets” below the belt, since the smaller that “gadget,” the bigger its owner’s ego—to make up for the lack in size. Much like the political neophyte who boosts about his plans and compare them with the incumbent, when the former has not even achieved anything yet for the place he wishes to serve. Pathetic, eh? But that’s exactly why he’s running, right? To correct the wrongs of the incumbent. That is, if the incumbent indeed has wrongs.

A political candidate will always claim to be better than his opponent, otherwise, he may as well stop joining the campaign circus if he can’t convince the madlang pehpohl about his sincerity in serving the community.

Campaigning is not easy especially amidst the summer heat which the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) warned could be 38 degrees Celsius this month. Whew!

Dagupan City, Pangasinan even had a heat index of 44 degrees Celsius a few weeks ago. Pagasa says heat index means “human discomfort” index or “init factor.” If you’re outside and literally basking in the sun, the heat index may increase to a maximum of 8 degrees Celsius.

Pagasa has advised the Pinoy to wear lightweight and light-colored clothes since dark colors tend to attract more heat. I have mostly black and navy clothes in the closet. Should I switch to pastels? Gasp!

Excess body weight and fats can also result to, Whew, ang init! So, imagine me and my fats wearing black at noon while I’m doing house-to-house campaigning for my piggies. Tsk tsk. But black makes me look slimmer. Hmmm. Esep-esep pud ‘pag may time.

Before next year’s summer arrives, I should consider going vegan again. Or at least, plant-based on weekdays, with fish or chicken added to the menu on weekends. Much like Beyoncé’s mostly plant-based diet, meaning, not absolutely vegan. And this renewed vow can be possible once Burger King (BK) and Nestle begin to offer plant-based food items here in Pinas.

BK now has the Impossible Whopper which is made of soy and potato protein and it’s reportedly as good as the original meaty Whopper, the BK fan could hardly tell the difference. For now, the Impossible Whopper is available at BK outlets in St. Louis in the US.

Nestle also has its meatless burgers to be sold in some parts of Europe starting this month. Called Incredible Burger, it’s made from soy and wheat protein. For the US market, Nestle has Awesome Burgers.

Impossible. Incredible. Awesome. Three words that may sum up a carnivore’s reaction to meatless burgers: Impossible! Incredible! But once he has tried one, hopefully the reaction will be, Oh, that’s awesome!

Much like a voter’s reaction to the newbie political wannabe’s campaign promises: Impossible! Incredible! But once he wins and begins to make his campaign promises come true: Oh, awesome! Well, the newbie can dream, can’t he?

Meanwhile, the newbie has to learn about prohibited places for campaign posters in order to not waste precious funds in having them printed, only for the posters to end up removed through “Operation Baklas.” That could have been money reserved for vote buying on the eve of election day. Oops!


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