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Intimate conversation with Fr. Suarez

Cesar Gorillo .

I HAD the privilege of talking with the worldenowned healing priest Rev. Fr. Fernando Suarez on Oct. 8, 2018 at the Valencia City Tennis Court where he played before his Healing Mass the next day at the Mother of Perpetual Help Parish, Bagontaas Valencia City. He is a tennis player “by blood” because has had been playing in Australia when he was still 15 years old.

Of course, I asked him why he already stopped holding mass for the Healing Eucharist held every Sunday at ABS-CBN. His answer shocked me no end because apparently the bishop assigned at the Quezon City Diocese where they are holding mass apparently objected to his officiating the mass and decided that he will be the one to take the slot of Fr. Suarez. Much that Fr. Suarez objected to it because it was his chance to evangelize to the millions of Catholics throughout the world, he could not do otherwise but to follow.  I could not believe it because I know millions of Catholics around the world are tuned in to this rare Healing Mass every Sunday wanting to witness Fr. Suarez officiating it.  What the bishop never knew was that he deprived the millions of hungry Catholics to witness an anointed, gifted, humble and loving priest like Fr. Suarez give his very beautiful homily intended to touch those in extreme need of anointing to make them strong followers of Christ.  Not only that, the gift of God given to rare people like Fr. Suarez will not be given to Catholics who are sick and in need of prayers.  The letter of St. Paul is very clear in that all Christians are given by God different gifts, some the gift of healing, some the gifts of faith, some the gift of miracles, etc.  But in the case of Fr. Suarez, he is given the gift of healing and it would be a great disservice to God to deprive him to exercise it because it is a free gift and should also be given freely.  And he does it.

As to whatever reasons why the bishop deprived this gifted priest, it is his own opinion much that we strongly disapprove of it.  After all, we, Catholics, are advised to follow the orders of our church leaders and there is simply nothing we can do about it.  In fact, even the most gifted Vassula Ryden whose twelve books contained all the words of Jesus Christ written by God himself in very mysterious, heavenly and beautiful penmanship has been, horrors of all horrors, excommunicated for the simple reason that she is a member of the Orthodox Church and hence, cannot evangelize to Catholics.

The next day, I witnessed his healing mass in Bagontaas, Valencia City and he narrated how he started his gift as a high school student and went on to become a priest in another unexplainable circumstance and he went to raise two persons from the dead, cured serious near death patients and cured thousands upon thousands of sick people throughout the world.  His homily was very entertaining to the max but their lessons cut deep into the recesses of your heart in their anointing, simplicity and truthfulness that those who listen have no other alternative but to be converted.  I thought that here is a priest sent by God to his people to remind them that there is a God who loves us so much, gave us the mind to think to give us happiness but that man simply decides to be unhappy by sheer selfishness, resentment and too much pride.  Fr. Suarez simply emphasized that it is man who chooses to be unhappy because he simply doesn’t have love in his heart.  Because man is so full of resentment, anger and competition in his heart, he remains unhappy.  Unhappiness creates sickness.

There were several cases of instant healing during the personal testimonies such cure of goiter, paralyzed hand, breast lumps, hazy vision and other sicknesses, a testament to the power given to him by God.

Up to now, I cannot still take off the face of this great man of God from my mind, his simplicity, his anointing and the effective way he communicates God’s message to His people.


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