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Is RCB a villain?

Egay Uy .

THE Regulatory and Complaint Board recently conducted an operation against drinking in public places.  Aside from usual inspections, the RCB had its thematic operation in July focusing on watering holes, and this was extended a bit to August because of the sheer number of watering holes in the city and what appears to be an increasing number of habitués in these places.

But the road to an orderly society is neither laden with roses nor is it carpeted. The RCB has received both negative and positive comments. Parents and students, and probably even out-of-school youth have lauded the RCB for its no-nonsense operation if only to protect the youth and minors from the ill effects of today’s environment – drinking intoxicating beverages openly, and uncontrolled hours on the internet and in violent games, to name two.

Of course, there are those who oppose what the RCB has been doing.  They probably are those who are hit hard by the imposition of regulations. Those who prefer to take it easy rather than chart their better future. Those who may be spoiled brats who park their parents’ or their own cars and drink to the beat of loud music not minding that they have already disturbed others.

Be that as it may. The RCB welcomes feedback of all kinds because these will help us improve the services that we render to the public. But, the RCB, being composed of well-meaning men and women representing a cross-section of the community, will also not tolerate foul language and arrogance on the part of those who are hit, hard it may be, by the regulations.

After that RCB operation, somebody posted on Facebook a video showing footages of the operation, and inviting comments from habitués of the car park drinking sessions. Of course, most of the comments shown in the video were against the stoppage of car park drinking.

One guy even commented “F@#% you Resma” referring to RCB inspectorate team leader Antonio Ramon Resma, special investigator of the City Legal Office. The guy went overboard and should be held accountable for his utterances. I understand Mr. Resma will take legal action against the guy and we will support him all the way.

The RCB, is surely represented by persons who compose a cross-section of the community. The following serve in the RCB as board members, under Executive Order No. 006-2019 issued by Mayor Oscar S. Moreno on Jan. 10, 2019: This writer sits as the chairperson.  Atty. Beda Joy Elot sits as co-chairperson.  Councilor Romeo Calizo is the vice chairperson while councilors Jay Roa Pascual and Suzetter Magtajas Daba sit as members.

The other members of the board include Mr. Victor Aleria of Human Rights Commission, Atty. Patricio Bernales of the National Bureau of Investigation. He is represented by Atty. Chemene Nacua. The city police director sits as a member along with city prosecutor Charisse Bitoon, Ms. Myra Balandra of the Mindanao Commission on Women.

City administrator and CSWD head, Teddy Sabugaa Jr., Engr. Isidro Obligado of the City Building Office, Bishop Dimver Andales and Bishop Herbert Gadian representing Interfaith, Atty. Ernesto Neri representing the youth sector, city treasurer Jasmin Maagad, and of course, Mr. Antonio Ramon Resma, also sit as RCB members.

For what it has been doing, is the RCB a villain?

(Egay Uy is a lawyer. He chairs the City’s Regulatory and Complaint Board, co-chairs with the city mayor the City Price Coordinating Council, and chairs the city’s Joint Inspection Team.  He retired as a vice president of Cepalco.)


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