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It would be a disgrace to do so

Batas Mauricio .

AN article in a major Manila newspaper is heaping accolades in favor of the incoming Manila mayor, Mr. Isko Moreno, although it is at the same time a searing indictment against the outgoing city executive, former President Joseph Estrada, and even against those who preceded him. But yes, the truth is appalling and is undeniable: Manila is decayed, through and through.

Take the case of Lawton Plaza and its environs towards the Luneta, up to and until Baywalk along Roxas Blvd., as an example. These places highlight the downfall that now sadly characterizes Manila, featuring it as a very dirty and impoverished city. This image violently runs contrary to the very high regard many gave to the Manila of old, then the undisputed premier city and business district of the Philippines.

I am not aware if Mayor Erap and those that came before him realized what was taking place in their city during their terms but I am certain that the sick Manila many residents have been sick and tired of seeing contributed heavily to the destruction of their own political careers so that, in 2019, they entrusted its administration and management for the next three years to a virtual unknown. My only prayer now is that Mayor Moreno/Domagoso would be able to match with concrete action the promises of transformation he let loose during the campaign.

I pray further that Isko will not succumb to the wiles of a corrupt and inefficient system which he will now have to deal with in a larger fashion. He owes this to God, to the City, and to those who gave him their trust and confidence, and to his own self. Why, if Isko can lift Manila up from the dole-drums it has found himself in today, this may yet become his stepping stone towards becoming the leader of the Philippines at some future time.


To many people with intellect, silence actually is synonymous with admission of guilt and, in a proper setting, it could mean lack of proof to back up an accusation. In the case of the mother of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV who is being implicated yet again by President Duterte in an alleged anomaly about Kevlar helmets, silence on the matter wrapped the Department of Justice (DOJ) under the presidencies of Gloria Arroyo, of Noynoy Aquino, and even of Digong.

This means the DOJ (which investigates all allegations of crime in the country) did not see any basis to say that the lawmaker’s mother, now bedridden and could hardly walk, had any criminal liability over the Kevlar issue. I am not now trying to defend Trillanes here, but he has a clear point: if there is any evidence at all against his mother, the proper charges should be filed and, if the evidence warrants, for her to be punished.

Otherwise, if there is really nothing against her, the President should leave the old woman alone. It is a disgrace dragging her still. Then, too, it is her son, the very noisy senator, who is the critic. As the Holy Bible said in the Book of Ezekiel, it is only the person who “sinned” who should be punished. There is no justification whatsoever in dragging other people, whether it be the father or the mother or a sibling of the “offender.” As I said, it would be a disgrace to do so.


No rain. So, no water. This, at least, constitutes an admission, official in nature because it came from officials of government, on what really is the true reason why we have no water. So, the remedy is for rains to come. Strong rains, in fact. So our dams—Angat and La Mesa—could be filled to the brim, or to the appropriate and necessary levels. The only question now is, do we have the power to cause heavy rains to fall on our parched country?

If the truth be told, the correct answer is a simple one: Yes, we have the power to cause the rains to fall, and to fall heavily. And this power was already given to us by God even before. According to His Word, the Bible, Psalm 147:8 in particular, it is God who sends the rains. In Deuteronomy 28:1 and 12, it is He who opens up the heavens to bring down the rains at the appointed time. And, in Hagai 1:10-11, it is God which forbids the rain to fall.

How then can the power of man to cause rains to come be exercised? Jesus, our God and Savior who is our God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, says if we accept and have faith in Him as our God and Savior, we can do all the miracles He performed, and do even greater ones. There should therefore be no question that we can call down the rains!

But, not so fast, really. There is a condition that must be fulfilled here. Deuteronomy 28:1-2 says we need to listen to (or to study) the Word of God and obey everything that is written in it. If we listen to and obey God’s commands, He will bless us. So there, let us try to listen to and obey the Word of God and assume His power to call the rains down. Thank God in the Name of Jesus, Amen!



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