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Jea Chan’s vlogging journey

A lot of women nowadays, particularly mothers are beginning to share their motherhood and experiences online with the use of social media. They share experiences, things they’ve gone through, and how they overcame those ordeals of becoming a first-time mother to soon to be mommies.

Jessica Achas Chan

One particular mommy-vlogger is Jessica Achas Chan, a mother of three (one girl and two boys – twins) and a member of a newly created vlogging group “Authentic Urban Vloggers”. She uses social media as a platform to share her thoughts and experience online, serving as tools for future mothers.

Jessica’s niche is about her being a mother, by providing helpful tips in dealing with children, and places that she and her family visited among others and relates it to her viewers in a relevant manner. She also does product reviews on items that deal with her children and herself, such as beauty essentials, mom hacks and more.

The Jessica we saw during the early stages of her vlogging career is far from the Jessica we now know. She had improved her editing skills, and gained more confidence.

“In terms of filming before what I do was just compile videos of our day, by the time naa-nakoy confidence to talk in front of the camera nag sunod-sunod na, nag list down nakog contents na pwedeng maka help sa other moms and simple things I love that I can share,” she said.

Jessica also vlogs about lifestyle topics on the side; she vlogs about places, food, and events that can be useful and informative to her viewers.

She recently started vlogging earlier this year with over eighty videos on her YouTube channel “Jea Chan” and has been active in sharing her ideas on social media in the hope it can help empower women, especially those who are about to become moms.

Jessica Achas Chan with her daughter Athena Amaranth Chan, and sons Abram Neuman Chan, and Matteus Neuman Chan.

“In general my vlog is about mom life and momhood. Usually, I film about herbal medicines, gadget-free kids and alternatives to divert them into other things. I have videos on breastfeeding outfits — Anything in particular that can help moms,” she said.

She entered the world of vlogging not because she wanted to be known or for the perks. But because it was a way for her to cope with the reality that she is already a mom and a wife.

“Being a mom and a wife there are drastic changes to deal with, and one of the coping mechanisms that we do is entertain ourselves through watching vlogs and entertaining shows. Through that I’ve learned a lot about different kinds of people from all walks of life, beautiful places and in return, I was inspired to show things about what I do, my thoughts and ideas, and maybe empower other women along the way,” she said.

During the early stages of her vlogging career, she released a vlog explaining what she and her family are going through after knowing that their boy has to attend therapy for Global Developmental Delay (GDD) at 2 years of age, and urges other parents and people to not judge families with children that have conditions.

I felt na we need to spread awareness sa uban parents dli ta maulaw na ipa therapy ilang anak , maybe ma agapan pa ug sayu. And we should not judge other parents nga naay anak na naay delays, learning disability and mental problem kay it’s a really hard battle for them. At some point nag lisud gani mi saamo anak nga dli ingana ka dako ang problema how much more sa mga parents nga naay Autism ang anak and or mas worse cases pa,” she stressed.

“The term ‘developmental delay‘ or ‘global development delay‘ is used when a child takes longer to reach certain development milestones than other children their age. This might include learning to walk or talk, movement skills, learning new things and interacting with others socially and emotionally,”

“Advocating Awareness to other Parents na naay centers like ICARE na mo cater sa disabilities sailang anak, and because of the problems na amo na agian raising a child na naay delay ang pag talk and pag interact sa uban tao na dili normal sa iyang age,” she said.

It came to a shock knowing this. She decided to share it through her vlog posts to help spread awareness of GDD and the importance of early detection in children. Today with treatment, her son is showing signs of recovery. “Buyag na kaayo, waiting for the doctors go cignal nalang na mo graduate na siya sa therapy,” she shared.

When ask how she balances her family and vlogging she said: “You can never balance everything, so naa-lay term nga mag bawi ka.”

There is significant interest in people to take up vlogging as a hobby to affect positive impact in society or use it as a tool to voice out their opinions and ideas. Although due to time constraints and responsibilities, she is determined to pursue her passion and advocacy.

“If you love vlogging, and passionate about something even if it’s not about vlogging – Do it now! Kasi you will never know where it will lead you or take you. Just do your thing, take a leap of faith for something you love doing and stay positive,” she said.

She admits that at a certain point in her life she wanted to quit vlogging. Because of slow growth in subscribers and on top of that, she has kids to attend to because she has no nanny. 

“Naay time na gusto ko mo undang kay hinay ang growth (subscribers), but every time mag upload ko ug video. I read feedbacks that my vlogs are informative, tsada imo video, inspiring kana gyud maka drive gyud sakoa to do more,” Jessia said.

Those positive impacts drives her to continue to be a vlogger. “Meaning to say imong video dili na sayang, naay naka appreciate naay naka acknowledge, nga dili lang diay siya mainstream vlogging lang na igo ra mag share sa unsay imo gabuhaton naa diay siya purpose,” she added.

With a supportive husband (Michael) to back her up and three kids that were her inspiration to be a mommy-vlogger, she is thankful for the opportunities that were given to her brought forth by people who believe and appreciate her work regardless of her busy schedule in taking care of her kids, she remains consistent in what she does. Both in and off the camera.

“Nahimo na gyud siya ug lifestyle nako actually, kay ganahan naka every day mag share, nakay ma-think, Uy! Tsada ni siya basig maka help ko ani (video), Gusto nako ipa abot sa mga moms na, we should never forget to care for ourselves even though busy ta satoang kids, isa pud ni sa ways na ma-destress ta mga moms with the things happening around us,” she concluded.

Subscribe to her YouTube channel at Jea Chan (Click Here), you can also follow her on Instagram @jeakhiang.


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