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‘Juice colored’

Egay Uy .

FLAG-RAISING ceremonies on Mondays are always productive.  As Roads and Traffic Administrator’s Mr. Doy Ramiro and myself were seated together (because we chose so), our mind-stirring mini-discussions always bring good ideas to forth.

Doy Ramiro is the administrative officer-designated of the RTA but he is also active in field operation (because of lapses in the operation side?), and in planning because of the ideas he could contribute to the group of Engr. Sherwin Cabactulan, RTA head of traffic engineering.

As we already know, Doy has been active in traffic operation being at the helm of an active traffic volunteer group.  Sherwin, on the other hand, is one of the more capable organics of the traffic office.

Doy is often tapped to lecture in seminars for motorela operators, in training sessions for traffic enforcers, both organic and volunteers, and in various traffic-related fora.  As I see it, compared to the head of office, given the number of years of exposure of both, Doy is doing much better.  He probably deserves to be making the calls in that office.

By the way, just because I invited Doy Ramiro to join me in the RTA during my watch does not make him “tawo ni Egay.” I can see talent and abilities when I see them. I can only commiserate with Doy when he was “branded” and ostracised as tawo ni Egay when he joined the RTA after I left the department. But he survived the ordeal and now making a difference.

Well, of course, I wanted to get him in because he could have done much better than the organic “old-timers” who are only good in attending meetings but probably not absorbing what have been discussed. But fate would not have it our way. He was released by his former private sector employer at the time that I left the traffic office.

Anyway, in his lectures before Motorela operators and drivers, Doy has emphasized the Four P’s of motorists.  Pasaway, Palusot, Paghangyo, Pagkasuko.

It is not surprising to say that there are motorists who are pasaway. Look at the way our roads are being used – over-speeding everywhere, illegal parking all around, non-compliant motor vehicles. Pasaway it is.

Palusot. When apprehended, the pasaway motorists will always have their reasons. Wala ko kakita sa sign, wala ko kabantay nga red light na, abi nako pwede ra, abi nako walay dakop karon. Palusot pa more.

Paghangyo. Kung madakpan, ang pasaway nga nagpalusot kusog mohangyo.  Pasaylo-a ko, sir, as if they sinned against the traffic enforcer.  Dili na lagi ko mousab, although the apprehension is his nth offense.  Pangihabuhi ra ning ako sir, as if the traffic enforcer is not doing a living also.  Sige hangyo murag gapalit ug asin.

Pagkasuko. Once the paghangyo will not get him off the hook, then the motorist will most likely transform his mood into pagkasuko. Maayo lang mo mangdakop sa motorela driver. Bantay ka lang, sir. Makita ta ka gani, ligsan ta ka.

The 4Ps is a clever way of summarizing the attitude of most if not some motorists.  To these, I would add another P – Pag-otro.  I’m sure the records at the traffic office will show that there are repeat offenders. They keep on violating traffic rules and regulations.

During my watch, I came across a ledger of a traffic violator who was apprehended for more than 70 times and yet he used to continue to enjoy the privilege of driving a motor vehicle.  Juice colored.

(Egay Uy is a lawyer. He chairs the City’s Regulatory and Complaint Board, co-chairs with the city mayor the City Price Coordinating Council, and chairs the city’s Joint Inspection Team.  He retired as a vice president of Cepalco.)


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