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Kikang the performer

By Farina Roa
Team OKKA .

VICE Mayor Raineir Joaquin “Kikang” Uy is so passionate with his advocacies, he uses powers and resources at his disposal to see through solutions to issues close to his heart.

Cagayan de Oro City ranking 1st nationwide in Resilience was largely due to the creation of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Department (CDRRMD) championed by Vice Mayor Uy.

Vice Mayor Kikang Uy values programs and mechanisms that allow constituents to adapt to climate change so to reduce casualties in the onset of disasters. CDO is gearing towards a climate-resilient City, and is aiming for zero casualty when disaster strikes. The creation of this new City Hall department is an extra step needed as the city strives above CDRRM, but resiliency.

Garnering the most resilient city nationwide is a celebration of the city’s journey from almost a thousand lives lost in Sendong (Washi) to zero in Vinta (Tembin). Both typhoons, six apart brought 100-year cycle flooding. Climate researchers say that three 100-year floods in six year – including the Pablo/Bopha indicates the very high climate change vulnerability of the city. Thus the need for the city take extra steps in terms of risk management and resilience.

Vice Mayor Uy also steered the City Council to capacitate the City Local Environment and Natural Resources Office (Clenro) to effectively implement the Solid Waste Management Law (RA 9003) with the passage of City Ordinance no. 13130-2016 otherwise known as the 10-year Solid Waste Management Plan.

When the Ombudsman was breathing down the neck of City Hall for the closure of the Upper Dagong, Carmen dumpsite, Vice Mayor Kikang uy mobilized the City Council to reach out to Clenro to come up with a project plan and program of works to operationalize the Sanitary Landfill at barangay Balubal and pro-actively approved the supplemental budget for the project which was shelved by the babag city council of 2013-2016.

Equally integral is the banning of plastics in CDO. Starting January 2019, Kagayanons are to bring their own eco bags / bayong or any reusable bags in groceries, convenience stores, and other large- or small- businesses in the city. CDO campaigns for “No to Plastics” beginning the last quarter of 2018.

VM Uy emphasizes the inter-connectedness of climate change issues that relate to solid waste management, disaster risk reduction management, and pollution. More importantly, he seeks for solutions in addressing these problems that are crucial in the development of our highly urbanized City.

The legislations and exercise of the City Council’s oversight function saw fruition in the City Council lead by the young vice mayor.

A Deep Concern for the Youth

While Climate Change Adaptation challenges the government to pro-act for the environment and for a liveable CDO, Vice Mayor Kikang encourages sports and fitness as well. He is deeply concerned with the youth, and hopes to promote activities that for their wellness. Recently, the vice mayor lead the approval the comprehensive Oro Youth Code and the Oro Youth Agenda, where the platform of the youth (including SKs, out of school youth, youth with disabilities, etc.) are laid out.

In terms of educating the youth, fifteen (15) new school sites, twenty-six (26) new school buildings, and six hundred one (601) new classrooms were built during this administration. Because of their excellent performance in the area of education, CDO is awarded with the Seal of Good Education Governance conferred by the Synergeia Foundation for two consecutive years (2017 & 2018). The Local School Board is chaired by Mayor Moreno and co-chaired by Vice Mayor Kikang Uy – both of whom have been identified as education champions in government.

Kikang is also able to provide various sports equipment and fiber glass, basketball rings to various barangays in Cagayan de Oro. Again, this is to divert the youth’s time, in the hopes of promoting wellness and sports instead of vices that may lead to drug addiction.

Finally, as a flagship program of Kikang, he brings Jollibee to different barangays in Cagayan de Oro for the past three years. He calls this “A Simple Christmas” – which aims to bring the local government closer to children and their parents, especially those who have not seen Jollibee yet, due to limited resources. Our vice mayor believes that poverty should not be a hindrance in attaining the dreams of the youth.

Power for Good Governance

Vice Mayor Kikang pushed for reforms in good governance that exemplifies teamwork, effectiveness and efficiency. He utilized his “power of the purse” in policy legislation. A harmonious relationship between the executive and legislative bodies of government now operates, as Vice Mayor Kikang and the 18th City Council author and approve legislations for the best interest of Kagayanons.

Thought to be a young inexperienced neophyte, Vice Mayor Kikang Uy proved he belongs to the big league with his huge accompishment. Often shy to a fault, the vice mayor has proven his mettle by letting his work speak for him.

Ever humble, he lives by his political motto: “Tabangi ko, tabangan mo!”

(Farina Roa serves as a consultant in the Office of the Vice Mayor.)


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