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Lechon brouhaha

Letter to the Editor

AS an ordinary citizen of this city, I am appalled at how the owners of a radio station treated their employees who merely partook of the lechon that was sent by the son of the city mayor in gratitude for the radio station’s and its employees’ support to the son’s programs during the fiesta season of the city.

Just because of a crunchy cholesterol-full lechon, members of the local media were sacked? Isn’t the owner of the radio station where the mediamen used to work one of the mouthpieces of a once powerful politician, past and present?

Why should the employment of the radio station be terminated because of that %$#@ lechon? How many pigs can the the owners consume so that the public can donate crunchy cholesterols to them?

What the owner allegedly did to the employees (they were reportedly called “patay gutom,” etc.) does not speak well of somebody who reads verses from the Bible and recites inspirational passages, with her infamous “usbown kowww” trademark. Aren’t the radio station’s owners avid supporters of the magician-politician in the city? Aren’t they recipients of juicy concessions from city hall when the magician-politician was the “alas”? Are they now merely implementing what their alleged benefactor has been doing when he was at the helm of the city?

Por dios por santo sab ninyo!––Liberato Publico,


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