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Local gov’t, telco, publishing firm launch Digital Tourism program

By Genevieve G. Cantor

DAPITAN City- The Local government of Dapitan City in collaboration with Smart Communication and Innovative Publishing launched its joint project called Digital Tourism Program in February 18, 2016.

It is a mobile application where in travelers will be able to enhance their traveling experience and learn more about the city.

All information’s that the tourist wishes to know such as where to go and what to do in Dapitan is a click away.

Smart and Innovative Publishing (InnoPub) worked with the Dapitan local government to implement Digital Tourism by releasing free mobile app called Dapitan Guide and installing interactive tourism markers.

There are five interactive tourism markers that has been placed all over the city of Dapitan city.

These interactive tourism markers that Smart Communication, InnoPub and the city of Dapitan installed on key tourism sites contain QR code (Quick Response) and NFC (Near Field Communication).

When your phone scans or taps over the QR maker, it will quickly download more information about the site or the structure and can even provides lists of places to stay when in Dapitan. It also has a virtual concierge feature that will allow tourists to get in direct contact with the Dapitan City Tourism Office for questions and requests for assistance.

Dapitan Guide is offline-capable. Once installed, users of the app can use it anywhere, even in places without Internet connection.

Smart Public Affairs Group Head Ramon R. Isberto said “Apart from enhancing experience of travelers, our Digital Tourism project also contributes to the preservation of Filipino heritage and culture. Dapitan is rich in history, and through our mobile app and interactive markers, we are able to help create a digital version of its stories available to all for free,”

Dapitan Guide, is available for Android devices with the iOS version still undergoing preelease review for the app store, is has a comprehensive resource on where to go and what to do in Dapitan such as the Rizal Shrine that gave the city its name as the Shrine City of the Philippines, to the plaza that was beautified by the national hero, the relief map of Mindanao that he built to instruct pupils, the amusement park Gloria Fantasyland that is among the country’s biggest, and the famed Dakak Park Beach Resort.

Apple Marie Agolong, City Tourism Oficer said the city the local government of Dapitan has been initiating moves toward better tourism experience in Mindanao. She said Dapitan as part of Mindanao, it is always a challenge for them to pursue tourism industry because of the tagged name Mindanao as war zone area.

She said, through this innovation and creation of Digital tourism program of the Dapotan city, she said there this will create a better image to Mindanao, especially those areas or cities and municiaplities that are near Zambanga and Lanao del Sur.

“There is more to see in Dapitan. Peace in order in this city is another factor that affects the success of the business. Dapitan is Generally peaceful and safe place for everybody. police blotter shows only petty crimes are most recorded such as domestic quarrels and minor vehicle accidents.”

“Dapitan is an ideal place for business expansion. This city is gifted with natural historical and cultural, human resources which elements of a successful business endeavor.’ She added.

Dapitan City Mayor Rosalina Jalosjos.  Said “We are very happy and thankful to Smart Communications and InnoPub Media for including Dapitan City, the Shrine City of the Philippine, in this noble undertaking. This will help Dapitan City move to the next level in promotions and marketing. It will also help us improve the experience of our guests,” (GENEVIEVE G. CANTOR)


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